Yes. There is a ‘Cinco de Mayo Carne Asada’ Gadget


You guys must think I just make stuff up just to keep updating this wonderful blog and all. But no. Thanks to the ever creative minds of marketing professionals, there is always something new under the Latino-Hispanic muy caliente sun.

Señoras y señores: I give you the BBQ Dragon, the portable, hands-free, rechargeable gadget which –according to a presumably serious press release– will help you make “the best carne asada in town.” Why? Because Cinco de Mayo is approaching!

I’m not sure this thing was even conceived with carne asada or Cinco de mayo in mind, but who the hell cares? We are fast approaching this blogger’s favorite faux-Mexican holiday.


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2 Responses to Yes. There is a ‘Cinco de Mayo Carne Asada’ Gadget

  1. aldoquevedo says:

    Me hiciste buscarlo en Google, y sí creo que me compro uno. Para carne asada o BBQ, eso ya depende del chef.

  2. Pero, Aldo, mejor usa la secadora de pelo de tu mujer y con el dinero te compras más carne… ja ja ja

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