Amazon Wants you to Believe this Mexican Blanket is a ‘Deluxe Yoga Mat’ ūüėā


“The YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket is soft and warm, and comes in a variety of bright colors.”

Amazon, the versatile online retailer where you can get your Hispanic-themed dolls and your Hispanic-flag T-shirts, is introducing yet another ethnic-relevant product.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you: The YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket, which is basically a sarape that my people (i.e. The Mexicans) use to do all sorts of things, except yoga.

According to the retailer, the YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket¬†is machine-washable; it is proudly made in Mexico and comes in a variety of bright colors… (Oh, and it also¬†costs about 10 times more than a regular sarape, because¬†marketing.)

You have to see it to believe it

You have to see it to believe it


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NFL Goes Back to Mexico City, because who Can Resist a Weak Peso?

Looks like the NFL is becoming addicted to Mexican pesos.

Barely a couple of months after the sold-out face off between the Raiders and the Texans in Mexico City, the NFL on Wednesday said it will return to the Mexican capital in 2017 when the Oakland Raiders will host the New England Patriots at Estadio Azteca.

“We have a tremendous fan base in Mexico,” said Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner. “Their passion for football is inspiring, and we look forward to another memorable game in Mexico City between two great teams next season.”

This blogger can only hope the players will have a bit more freedom this time to move around and leave their rooms to do some sightseeing. Or, at the very least, they should be allowed out to do this blogger a favor: Bring back tons of avocados, OKAY?

Via: NFL

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White House Restores Spanish-language Twitter Account; Tweets Typo, of Course

Can you spot the typo?

Well, that was fast!

After much criticism for having deleted all of its Spanish-language content online, Donald Trump’s White House on Tuesday restored¬†the @LaCasaBlanca Twitter handle, one that had¬†remained idle since the new administration took over on January 20. The account came back with a¬†simple tweet, welcoming Spanish speakers and inviting them to follow and¬†stay in touch with the latest news.

Many Hispanics took to Twitter to react, mostly to respond they would never follow the new administration and some even pointed out a tiny grammatical mistake, which even to this blogger is not really a big deal: The lack of the opening exclamation point in the last phrase.

However… barely a few hours later, a second Spanish-language tweet arrived, this time to inform us about the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.¬†The problem? This time they went with a full typo, writing “Defender√°la” (a non-existent word) to explain what Gorsuch will supposedly do with the Constitution.

Oh well, looks like the new administration and their¬†“Hispanic communication experts” will be giving this blogger tons of material to work with.

Via: CNET en Espa√Īol

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‘The New York Times’ en Espa√Īol Promises More Color, Sombreros than the ‘Regular New York Times’

nytimesOne of the many great things about being multilingual is that you get to read your media in their original language, without having to resort to translations (which can be terrifying). And that is why, for example, I like to read The New York Times in, well, English.

However, judging from the above ad that just popped up on my Facebook feed, I might be giving their Spanish-language version a chance.

I mean, who can resist an invitation to “analyze the world” with the promise of colorful gay parades and men hugging men while wearing a¬†sombrero?

Count me in!



Sprint Revives Locom√≠a in Latest Campaign, Because Everybody Wants the 80s Back


The original members of Locomía

I don’t know about you, but I spent a pretty good chunk of my youth dancing like a maniac to the ridiculous tunes of Locom√≠a, the Spanish 80s pop band formed by four flamboyant fashion students who wore makeup, outrageous outfits and couldn’t go anywhere without a¬†giant hand-held fan.

Well, if you are among the unlucky who never met them, Sprint is bringing them back (sort of) in its latest Spanish-language campaign created by ALMA in Miami.

Below is the commercial that debuted on Friday — though you might want to watch¬†some of their¬†original non-commercial work and this blogger’s favorite (also below.)

Via: CNET en Espa√Īol

And this blogger’s personal favorite….

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My Blog Just Turned 10 Years, and I Can’t Believe it’s still around. So… ¬°Gracias!

From 'Quién' magazine, March 2008, Mexico City

From ‘Qui√©n’ magazine, March 2008, Mexico City

It was exactly ten years ago when, after losing my dream job and feeling a bit disoriented as to what to do next, I decided to start a blog.

It was originally called¬†Mi casa es tu casa, but it quickly morphed into Mi blog es tu blog (¬°Gracias, Carlitos!)¬†and¬†10 years later (yes DIEZ) and despite the advent of Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Facebook et al, it’s still alive and kicking.

Looking back at my¬†very first post, it is clear¬†I had no idea what I wanted to do with with this space, but I did know that documenting the silliness of what marketers and media “experts”¬†call the U.S. Hispanic market could be a fun adventure, especially if it were to be done with a sense of humor.

And, boy, was I right!

From hundreds¬†of ridiculous television commercials (like that Tostitos¬†one using a sevillana to peddle salsa, or that of a 36o-degree¬†action camera¬†that¬†will help you spot¬†a mariachi sneaking through the U.S. border) to¬†those ubiquitous¬†ethnic Halloween costumes¬†and Hispanic paraphernalia,¬†I’m sure I’ve made some of you spit your morning coffee more than once.

And that¬†is why it’s interesting that this blog’s¬†most popular post ever¬†(in terms of both clicks and reader comments), was one¬†that was barely a paragraph long; didn’t really say much and was not really¬†funny, funny: It was an image of¬†an Absolut Vodka print advertisement I saw¬†in¬†a magazine at the Mexico City hospital where I was — hopelessly — watching my mother die of lung cancer. The image¬†made me smile (something I had not been able to do for several weeks, after learning my mother’s Stage IV cancer was incurable) mostly because I was positive¬†it would never run¬†in a U.S. publication. It showed¬†a colorful map depicting what the Americas might look like in an “Absolut” ¬†(i.e. perfect) world: The U.S.-Mexico border lies¬†where it was before the Mexican-American War of 1848.

I ripped the page carefully, trying to not wake my mother and put it in my purse so I could write something about it later, in my blog, you know?

imageThat plan was all but forgotten as my mom passed away on the morning of March 20, leaving me in a profound pain. (The story of how that apparently innocent ad crossed the Mexico border and made a ruckus in the U.S. was later published in Advertising Age, where I later became a regular blogger as well, and you can read it here.)

Anyhow, I mention all of this, because blogging has been a very important part of my life this past decade. It is true that I’m not exactly¬†blogging every single day and that the new social media channels have made the very survival of bloggers really tough.

However,¬†some of my writings here have taken me to very exciting places, including authoring my first¬†book*, becoming a regular contributor to magazines, radio¬†and TV shows and — of course — raising the ire of countless non-Mexicans¬†who throughout the years have¬†asked me — repeatedly — to go-back-to-where-I-came-from.

Ten years later, I plan to continue using this space to vent and muse about “Hispanic Stuff” (whatever that means.) But¬†be warned: Given the¬†current political climate, I¬†might also¬†use it to try to give a voice to many who might feel threatened, scared and unwelcome in these dark times. I might not be the voice of reason, nor the most influential blogger¬†out there, but¬†I can yell pretty¬†loudly –and I know how to wield my Mexican power charm¬†when needed.

So here’s to another ten years of this, my¬†blog, your blog…

* OK, OK, the only one.

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Conan Is Heading to Mexico to Repair U.S.-Mexico Relations, Because Nobody Else Can

Conan will be Made in Mexico!

Conan will be Made in Mexico!

In these “interesting times,” in which the most important diplomatic decisions are made¬†on Twitter, it’s only fitting that the only person that seems qualified to repair the much damaged U.S.-Mexico relation is… a television comedian.

S√≠, se√Īor.¬†Conan O’Brien, who jumped to this blog’s fame with his telenovela Noches de Pasi√≥n,¬†will be taping an entire episode of his¬†TV show in Mexico,¬†using an all-Mexican staff, crew, guests and studio audience.

The goal? Apparently to investigate if such a barbaric country can produce more than just criminals and rapists.

Conan Without Borders: Made In Mexico premieres Wednesday, March 1st on TBS and this blogger cannot wait!

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