Oy Vey, it’s Time to Put ‘Despacito’ to Rest…

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Oakland’s Pride Latinx Stage to Feature a Bunch of Sombrero-Wearing Machos

Only in California…

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This Super PAC Claims Hot Latinas are ‘Huge’ Fans of Trump. Fact Check: No, We’re not

A Trump Super PAC is using the hashtag #HispanicsBreakTheInternet to help spread the word that Trump is HUGE among my people (i.e. The Hot Latinas.)

As a spicy member of such a collective, I can tell you that’s simply not true. But I do hope the Latinas that do support the president have had some time to brush up on their Spanish grammar skills. Last time I checked, they were proudly pitching themselves as Latinas para Trump, instead of the accurate Latinas por Trump.

Anyway: What’s with these people *and* their president’s lousy grammar?

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Mexican Daily Jumps on the ‘White Supremacy’ Bandwagon, Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Well done, periódico Reforma!

Not Photoshop. Not an Internet meme. This is the actual front page of today’s sports section of Reforma, one of Mexico’s largest daily newspapers. In case you were wondering, the “white supremacy” (in this instance) is that of the Real Madrid after it beat Barcelona 2-0 on Wednesday night. They wear white uniforms, get it? Ha Ha Ha.

Anyway, I believe I don’t need to tell you how timely the above headline is as it comes on the heels of the deadly mass riots organized by white nationalists — and self-described Neo-nazis — in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend.

Good job, Reforma… [SIGH]

Hat tip: @jrisco

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Taco Bell Launches the Naked Egg Taco, Because there’s not Enough Misery in America


And just when I thought life couldn’t be more miserable, Taco Bell today announced the national rollout of the “Naked Egg Taco,” a “thing” that for a while was only available to the poor souls of Flint, Michigan.

“The Naked Egg Taco strips down the traditional breakfast taco, allowing us to deliver a new flavor experience in every single bite,” said Liz Matthews, Chief Food Innovation Officer at Taco Bell Corp, apparently with a straight face. 

In case you were wondering, this “thing” is filled with fried potatoes, cheese, sausage or bacon and will roll out nationwide on August 31 at a bargain price of $1.99.

OK. Send in the nukes, people, I’m ready…

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New York City Salon Will Give you the ‘Indian Virgin’ Look

What is going on over there?

I have no idea what this salon is up to, but in addition to a “refrigerio” Wednesday, they’re offering to implant you with the hair of an Indian virgin — for some reason.

Photo: Jessica Solt Inwood, NYC

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Mexican ‘Intellectual’ Repeatedly Stabs Trump Piñata, Because We’ve All Gone Mad

This is Guadalupe Loaeza, a member of Mexico’s so-called intellectual elite who decided to celebrate her 71 birthday by repeatedly stabbing a Donald Trump piñata in her backyard — and proudly tweeting about it.

In case you’re wondering, Loaeza is a Mexican writer who became famous by chronicling the Mexican bourgeoisie (a group she knows well, because she belongs to it, of course.)

For reasons I fail to comprehend, she has been awarded the distinction of Chevalier from the Légion d’Honneur of France and written many books that I’ve successfully managed to avoid.

Watch. Learn from this. Do not repeat…. SIGH.

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