360 Camera Is so Great, It Will Let you Spot Mariachis Sneaking through the U.S. Border

360fly Inc. has decided to launch a “provocative” ad campaign to pitch a camera that promises to give you a broader perspective of life.

To that end the company crafted what it’s supposed to be a satire of Donald Trump and his anti-Mexican discourse, speaking about his HUGE — yuge! — wall only to be interrupted by a bunch of Mexicans (mariachis, gardeners, maids and churro vendors) sneaking through the wall –aided by Clinton and Sanders.

Per a company press release:

The campaign strategically leverages the national and global interest in the 2016 presidential campaign, with a hysterical satire of Donald Trump’s “Border Wall” campaign initiative, complete with a Trump impersonator, Hillary and Bernie look-a-likes, Mexican Mariachi bands, housemaids, gardeners and even churro cart vendors. That’s right…churro cart vendors.

Yeah, churro cart vendors.

The company claims the spot is “so controversial” it has been refused by a bunch of networks, mostly because stations said they wanted to “remain politically neutral” and “didn’t want to offend certain ethnic groups.”

As a member of one of the “ethnic groups” portrayed in this thing (watch below), I don’t find the commercial particularly offensive. However, I do find it a bit dull and that, my friends, offends me more deeply.

WATCH and decide for yourself:

Via: CNET en Español

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The Upcoming New York City Floating Taco and Tequila Festival Proves the Apocalypse Is Near

Please help me leave NYC by July 9th

Please help me leave NYC by July 9th

Got $28 and a penchant for eating tacos and drinking tequila while on a cruise ship?

If so, head to New York City on July 9 for the T&T, a “Floating Food Festival” where you’ll be treated with, well, tacos, tequila and — very likely — a violent sea sickness.

VIP admission is $45 but it might be worth it because you’ll get a free “MARGARTIA,” [SIC] which I assume is something better than a MARGARITA.

¡Ay, Dios mío!

Via: Time Out

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Today in Mexican to English Translations…


I can only hope Fiesta Inn Hotels in Guadalajara, Mexico pays its employees well enough to go Google Translate stuff. For the gringos, you know?


Hat tip: Roberto Morán

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Everything is Better in Spanish, Including ‘Orange Is the New Black’ [Feat. Soraya Montenegro]


The rumors were true — and the wait is over.

Soraya Montenegro, the evil stepmother of Mexican telenovela María la del Barrio, has finally ended up where she belongs: In prison.

More specifically, Litchfield Penitentiary.

¡Sí, señor! Montenegro (played many years ago by the great Itatí Cantoral) is the star of a new Netflix campaign to promote the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black in Latin America.


Spanish is the New Black

So far so good, but Netflix would be well advised to extend a big GRACIAS to Cristian Vazquez, an 18-year-old from Danbury, Connecticut, who is credited with catapulting Soraya to viral fame by posting screenshots and videos of her on his Tumblr page.


“I first saw a picture with the same caption of another actress, Victoria Ruffo, and then thought it would be funny to do the same,” Vazquez told the Daily Dot. “After posting the first photo of Soraya Crying in Spanish it became very popular because of a video of her acting in the telenovela Maria La Del Barrio, in which she, the villain, tries to kill three people. The majority of the people on Tumblr have never seen a telenovela and are not familiar with the exaggerated acting style, and so they found it hilarious.”

Yes, Soraya is awesome and Netflix’ promo video is hilarious. Watch it below but — more importantly — don’t forget to thank Cristian Vazquez.


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A Taste of Mexico for Less than £2


Aren’t the British something?

Not content with giving us the Hey Ho to Mexico gluten-free tortillas, the Brits are now peddling Mexicana Slices… slices of cheddar with spicy bell and jalapeño chilli peppers. For a mere £11.50 per kilogram, these babies promise the Original HOTNESS of the HOT taste of Mexico. But how hot is “hot” exactly?

Per UK-based Mexicana cheese:

Mexicana brings together traditional British farmhouse cheddar cheese, with the colour, vivacity and mouth-watering flavours of Mexican cooking. Not for the faint hearted, Mexicana has an abundance of bell peppers and hot chilli spices. Dare you… it bites back!

Do I dare?… Mexicana Cheese wants to know.

Mmmmm Nope.

Hat tip: London Spicy Correspondent: Kent German 

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Crowdfunded Nuni Toaster Wants you to Believe Tortillas Need to be Toasted [They Don’t]

The World's First Tortilla Toaster...

Behold, the world’s first tortilla toaster

If you thought Flatev was a stupid tortilla-related, crowdfunded project, wait until you see Nuni, a “revolutionary” Indiegogo project that promises to give us “the world’s first tortilla toaster,” which is basically a toaster-looking-gadget to, ahem, “toast” tortillas.

I hate to rain on Nuni Toaster’s parade, but last time I checked tortillas needed not be toasted, because, you know? that doesn’t make ANY sense!

Seriously, guys, I appreciate the enthusiasm — especially the VIVA LA TORTILLA tagline — but do me a big favor and go toast something else?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hat tip: Tortilla Tech Brooklyn Correspondent

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Chile Defeats Mexico 7-0 at Levi’s Stadium; Hilarity Ensues

Send help, please: Javier Aguirre

Send help, please: Javier Aguirre

Mexico suffered its most dramatic defeat Saturday night against Chile, losing 7-0 at the Copa América quarter finals in Levi’s Stadium in California.

While many paisanos are still licking their wounds, Mexican Twitter saved the day by producing some of the best memes we’ve seen so far in Copa América. These are happening “as we speak” so be sure to check back as they can only get better.

Oh, and be sure to follow CNET en Español for more memes en español.

Ready? Set. GO!

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