Disney’s First Latina Princess is Dark-skinned, Has an ‘Abuela’

"Elena has a darker complexion, brown eyes, and lush, chocolate-brown hair." Don't we all?
“Elena has a darker complexion, brown eyes, and lush, chocolate-brown hair.” Don’t we all?

Quite frankly, it’s getting increasingly hard for this blogger to keep up with all the nonsense, but here goes.

Today, while I was minding my own business, trying to figure out what mariachis have to do with boring conference calls and Harvard, a very important piece of news broke –in very important media outlets, mind you. Disney revealed Elena of Avalor, its first “Latina princess.”

And what — may you be wondering — makes Elena of Avalor a Latina? Well, let Disney explain it in its own words:

Elena lives in an enchanted fairytale kingdom inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore.

Yes, I know, I know, that’s not really quite enough. But there is more:

Her family will include a grandfather named Tito and abuela named Cici and a royal advisor by the name of Duke Esteban.

And that’s where I thought “Of course!” and abuela and a royal advisor? She has got to be a Latina.

One thought on “Disney’s First Latina Princess is Dark-skinned, Has an ‘Abuela’

  1. So many things wrong, on so many levels.First, let ´s look at the candidatas for this upcoming Carnival in Mazatlan. 2015
    Some have nice dark hair, a few have makeup enhanced skin, None, no, not one fit the Disney Image. This is no small time affair, and the entrants spend a lot of money on the campaign.
    We , here in Mazatlan, strongly dislike the stereotypes portrayed in the media north of the border.
    Known here as Gringolandia. For those visitors, only people from the U.S. OF A. are known as Gringos. (green go´ s), refers to the army uniforms of an unwanted invasion force.History.

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