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YOU GUYS! The Concha AirPods Case Is Here…

…and I’m buying it as we speak, because what else is there to do in these times of crisis, pandemic and uncertainty? Via: Etsy.com

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Apple Picks Mexico City to Showcase AirPods, Because CDMX is ‘Muy Cool’

Apple has launched its first commercial for its not-yet-widely-available wireless earbuds (aka AirPods.) And what better way to show how cool something is than by having a freestyle dancer roaming my birth city while listening to music? There are several things that … Continue reading

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‘El Risitas’ is Back to Explain Apple’s Obsession with Dongles

Spain’s treasure Juan Joya Borjas (aka El Risitas) jumped to geek fame a year ago when he “helped explain” the truth behind the design of the 2015 MacBook. One year later… El Risitas is back, this time with a beautifully crafted explanation of how dongles … Continue reading

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Siri Sure Knows How to Please a Mexican [i.e. Me]

It took me a while, but after months of training in both, English and Spanish, Apple’s virtual assistant has finally understood that commands coming from Mexican people can be slightly more complex than then regular “check my mail” or “call my boss.” So, thank you, … Continue reading

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