Univision and AT&T Present ‘Unlimited Chapo,’ Because Hispanic TV Needs More Stories about Drug Lords

Unlimited Chapo is brought to you by Univision and AT&T

In yet another sign that Hispanic television is determined to “superserve its audience with relevant programming,” Univision Communications has partnered with AT&T to bring us — are you ready? — El Chapo Ilimitado! (Unlimited Chapo,) a weekly Facebook Live series that “serves as a forum for fans to discuss new episodes of El Chapo, a new crime television series co-produced by Netflix and Univision.

El Chapo Ilimitado (which I’m sure is a wink to AT&T’s unlimited data plans, duh) is hosted by Univision personalities Lourdes Stephen and Carlos Calderón, who show an extraordinary disposition to look cheerful — and fun! — while discussing one of Mexico’s most sanguinary drug dealers every single week.

Per a company press release, this thing is streamed via Facebook Live on Univision’s Facebook page Sunday evenings at 10 p.m. immediately following the premiere of new episodes.

Say what you will, but Hispanic TV will never cease to depress amuse this blogger.

Now if you allow me, I’ll just go shoot myself.

Via: El Chapo Ilimitado

Univision CEO Asks Adorable Non-Hispanic Kids What’s Better

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 2.13.49 PM

Univision’s upfront presentation Tuesday in New York City included some surprises and lots of more-of-the-same programming announcements.

There were some humorous moments, though, including a collective seizure (i.e. Harlem Shake) performed by Steve Mandala and his top sales team. However, this blogger’s favorite moment has got to be this AT&T spoof spot in which Univision CEO Randy Falco asks four adorable, non-Hispanic children what’s better, more or less?.

Watch it here:

Don’t Know Latin America’s Major Capitals? No Worries: AT&T Will be There for You

I watched this commercial for the first time Sunday night (during the NBC broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards) and then it hit me: technology will always be there for us, no matter how challenged, ignorant or forgetful we become as a result of, well, all these technological advances.

Don’t know the capital of a major Latin American country? No worries! Your cellphone company will make sure to get you out of a jam.