Bodegas are a National Treasure; Just Don’t Ask the Owner for the Bathroom Key

It is no secret that bodegas are a wonder of sorts. No matter the time of day you will surely find all your basics. Late night-condoms? a Guadalupe Virgin candle? Emergency tampons? Terrible coffee? …. The bodeguero has your back.

Oh, but try not asking him to use the bathroom, unless you want to unleash a series of… hilarious musical events.

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Taylor Swift Wants you to Know Bodegas are Our Friends

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Taylor Swift, who recently bought a $20 million property in Manhattan, has tons of New York City vocabulary to teach you, including what a bodega is all about. (Hint: it’s a corner store, which is open pretty much all the time and -more importantly- is our friend.)

Click here or on the link below (if you dare) to learn a thing or two about this wonderful city in the words of our new “ambassador,” including how to pronounce Houston and why SoHo and NoHo are very different things.

Oh, and please don’t shoot the messenger (i.e. this blogger)

Target Thinks Diversity is Awesome. Introduces ‘Bodega’ to Sell Hispanics Cheap Stuff

Please tell me I am delirious or suffering from some kind of exhaustion-fueled maladie and none o this is true.

Turns out some great marketing mind over at Target Stores has come up with the Bullseye Bodega, offering not only online coupons, but heavily “discounted items in a store-within-a-store.”

Click here for a hilarious video review by the folks over at LatinoRebels.

So now you know.

You’re Hispanic and don’t shop at the Bullseye Bodega? Shame on you!