Target Thinks Diversity is Awesome. Introduces ‘Bodega’ to Sell Hispanics Cheap Stuff

Please tell me I am delirious or suffering from some kind of exhaustion-fueled maladie and none o this is true.

Turns out some great marketing mind over at Target Stores has come up with the Bullseye Bodega, offering not only online coupons, but heavily “discounted items in a store-within-a-store.”

Click here for a hilarious video review by the folks over at LatinoRebels.

So now you know.

You’re Hispanic and don’t shop at the Bullseye Bodega? Shame on you!


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2 Responses to Target Thinks Diversity is Awesome. Introduces ‘Bodega’ to Sell Hispanics Cheap Stuff

  1. Thanks so MUCH for giving the Rebeldes a shout out. As the founder of the group, I was the one who did the little video since I was just going into Target in Stoughton MA to grab a cup of coffee before driving to pick up my son from baseball practice. Then I say the sign and was like, that is weird. Very interesting issues come up about marketing communication and advertising. I have gotten the typical, you are so sensitive bs. The reality is: Target failed by not realizing how dumb a word choice that was. Some people might not be offended, but others are. I have seen worse, I was just confused and the fact that Target doesn’t even realize the issue just proves how out of touch they are with this campaign. Thanks again for the shout out!

  2. esnyder1288 says:

    I wandered in to my Watertown, MA target the other day to pick up some things, and from a distance saw this big sign BODEGA

    So, my friend and I walk over wondering what we will find and it was a bunch of discounted seasonal stuff from Christmas (it was now late January); Just strange, but who is to say if it really is trying to market to hispanics?

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