Medical Marketing in Mexico Be Like…

“It’s not the cold; your member is just small”

Today in our always popular section Mexicans, How Can Anyone not Like us? I give you Dr. Ricardo Madrigal, whose urology clinic specializes in non-surgical penis enlargements and fixing other virile malfunctions. Judging from Dr. Madrigal’s marketing tactics, he’s not the one to beat around the bush when it comes to promoting his services.

“IT’S NOT THE COLD; THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS!” reads a recent billboard in Mexico captured by a Reddit user.

In addition to huge signs along local highways Dr. Madrigal is also very active on Facebook, where you can find tons of other incredible Christmas promotions.

Just in time for the holidays. Yay!

Via: Dr. Ricardo Madrigal on Facebook

USA vs. Mexico: Who Is Sending their ‘Best’ elsewhere?

Spring breakers chant ‘Build the Wall’ in Mexico

So much for the Mexican “journalist” who stole Tom Brady’s jersey, got caught and embarrassed an entire nation (this blogger included.)

I would like to turn our attention to this group of young Americans who went to Cancún, got drunk and yelled Build-The-Wall!, Build the Wall! repeatedly… while in — well — Mexico.*

OK, I get your rage, but before you go and vow to kill them all, I’d like for all of us to take a moment and realize that both — Mexico and the U.S. — have our share of morons, starting with the ones leading our respective nations, so really, can anyone blame us for being so obtuse?

I get the rage about the spring breakers, really, but before you go all crazy about them, go read this; then remember the 43 of Ayotzinapa; the blatant violations of human rights in Mexico and the dozens of filthy rich politicians who have vanished in thin air…. Then take a deep breath and maybe you’ll understand. We are all fucked, no matter which side of the border we live in.

Shame on us, really. All of us.

*OK, this happened in Cancún, which is arguably not Mexico anymore, but still…  


Unshocking Revelation: Gringos Think Mexico is Unsafe

If you survived Black Friday and managed not to be trampled by some lunatic mob at your local Walmart, chances are you’re already planning your Christmas vacation. But if you are like the average American whimp person, it is very likely Mexico is not among your top ten winter destinations.

According to the most recent survey coming out from the land obsessed with surveys, 72% of Americans think Mexico is unsafe, and not because they fear they will go into a cardiac arrest for gulping down tons of cheap tequila in Cancún. They are mostly concerned about being shot by some druglord as soon as they set foot at the airport.

But weary Americans should not despair, and instead thank the nation’s undocumented and documented Hispanic immigrants for the latest trend in U.S. tourism: Latin American cultural immersion trips in the comfort of your own city.

¡Sí, señor! Latinos are using the neighborhoods we’ve taken away from gringos to lure them back, and invite them to get a taste of our fun, dance, food and drink-filled culture. And no, you don’t need to get a passport, nor take a malaria pill. And -more importantly- chances of surviving are actually at a healthy 95%

So, what are you waiting for? Come enjoy U.S. Latin America without the dangers and annoyances of the real Latin America.

Calderón Says Mexico’s Crime is Not That Bad. Gringos in Cancún Support His Claim

You all know Mexico’s organized crime is, well, much better organized that our sorry politicians. Even so, Mexican president Felipe Calderón this week delivered his strongest defense yet of his government accusing the media (and some in the U.S. government) of mounting a campaign of “lies” against Mexico.

Meanwhile, in Cancún, a group of happy gringo vacationers are mounting a campaign of “truths” about how safe and wonderful Mexico is (as long as they remain in the confines of a five-star, all-inclusive hotel that is.)

Minnesotan Teens Think Mexico’s ‘Problem’ Sounds Just like the Perfect Spring Break Vacation


Now that the U.S. State Department has issued a travel alert warning people about the dangers of going to Mexico, thousands of reckless American teenagers are pondering their options: To go or not to go to Cancún for their spring break and terrorize the locals with their binge drinking and wet T-shirt parties.

But while many are already considering alternative destinations, Minnesotan teens seem to be much more adventurous:

“I read that the main problems are alcohol and the club scene — which pretty much sums up my spring break,” a sophmore told Minnesota’s Star Tribune.

You go girl!