Unshocking Revelation: Gringos Think Mexico is Unsafe

If you survived Black Friday and managed not to be trampled by some lunatic mob at your local Walmart, chances are you’re already planning your Christmas vacation. But if you are like the average American whimp person, it is very likely Mexico is not among your top ten winter destinations.

According to the most recent survey coming out from the land obsessed with surveys, 72% of Americans think Mexico is unsafe, and not because they fear they will go into a cardiac arrest for gulping down tons of cheap tequila in Cancún. They are mostly concerned about being shot by some druglord as soon as they set foot at the airport.

But weary Americans should not despair, and instead thank the nation’s undocumented and documented Hispanic immigrants for the latest trend in U.S. tourism: Latin American cultural immersion trips in the comfort of your own city.

¡Sí, señor! Latinos are using the neighborhoods we’ve taken away from gringos to lure them back, and invite them to get a taste of our fun, dance, food and drink-filled culture. And no, you don’t need to get a passport, nor take a malaria pill. And -more importantly- chances of surviving are actually at a healthy 95%

So, what are you waiting for? Come enjoy U.S. Latin America without the dangers and annoyances of the real Latin America.

3 thoughts on “Unshocking Revelation: Gringos Think Mexico is Unsafe

  1. Not only Gringos think it’s unsafe, most of my family does as well. I have relatives in Chula Vista and San Diego and they won’t go to Tijuana for anything. It’s not the Mexico I grew up with, I can’t take the camiones to wherever I want anymore in Guadalajara. Forget going to fiestas and dressing up and wearing jewelry: some assh*** will yank it right off of you. Have someone follow me to an ATM at gunpoint and rob me? No thanks. Have someone call my family and say that they have me and won’t release me unless a ransom is paid….ni que estuviera loca. It’s probably safer for Gringos to go to Mexico since they don’t have family that the narco related individuals can exploit.

    1. Muchas Gracias, Lizzie. As a gringo myself, would I be safer if I flew into Mexico City as opposed to going to a border town? I would love to go down there, but my hometown in Georgia has sooo many Hispanic folks living there nowadays, I could experience Mexican culture here in my hometown! With all of the Latin clubs, Hispanic markets, etc.

  2. Laura, So true. My town in Georgia had ZERO Hispanics in the 70’s and 80’s. Now , according to the 2010 census, it is about 23% Latino/Hispanic, half of whom are Mexicanos! It has really changed a lot! As a white gringo, I have witnessed the remarkable “Browning” More supermercados, mobile taco stands, Latino clubs, Spanish billboards all right in the heart of Dixie. White racists don’t like it and they even ban Spanish books from the public libraries! Seriously. But what if I, who loves Hispanic women, want to learn the language of my girlfriend’s or wife’s culture? Which I do. Yo quiero Espanol! The white racists should change or move elsewhere. We should accept Latinization / Mexicanization and just enjoy it because comprehensive immigration reform is on its way. I have learned to enjoy the rhythmic horns of Banda music and strongly prefer to remove the grits from my shrimp and replace them with lots of refried beans…frijoles!

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