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Latinsplaining [lat’splān:] When a Latin Person Explains ‘Despacito’ to a Non-Latin Person

WATCH Luis Fonsi explains the origins of Despacito to non-Latin person Vanessa Yurkevich of CNN. Video via: CNN

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Hispanic TV Upfronts 2017: The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful

May is my favorite month of the year, and not only because it is my birthday, and spring is blooming and all that crap. It is because in addition to the very serious journalistic work I do everyday, I get to attend … Continue reading

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CNN Can’t Tell Difference Between Curves and Love Handles

I am not the one to criticize misleading headlines. After all, I use them all the time, for they can make all the difference between actually clicking on one story or ignoring it forever. So, when I saw CNN.com had … Continue reading

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Today in ‘Geographically-Challenged CNN News Anchors”

Photo: Yahoo News!

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Harry Reid Really Cares About the Latino Vote; Uses Piñatas as Background to Prove it

CNN on Sunday Oct. 7 will premiere Latino in America: Courting their vote, a documentary on the Latino outreach efforts by Democrats and Republicans. The promo features an interview with U.S. Senator Harry Reid, who goes on about how important … Continue reading

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9.11.11: The Day the World Met the Jorge Ramos of the General Market

I had always heard about this guy who, for some reason, Hispanic media kept calling the Jorge Ramos of the general market. Today, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I finally understood why. And you thought this date had any other … Continue reading

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