Colombia Vows to Fight Stereotypes with… Stereotypes

Tired of having Colombia being portrayed as a country plagued by drug violence and prostitution, two Colombian enterprises and the Medellín City Hall have joined forces to launch The Colombian Ambush, an online campaign aimed at showing the world the real Colombia, one that has given us many great things, including “Gabo,” one of the world’s greatest writers.

The campaign will live exclusively online and is being crafted by Dallas-based Dieste. A series of videos have been directed by Simón Brand and use the typical Colombian stereotype to fight … the Colombian stereotype.

In Patrón, for example, we are presented with a scene very similar to Season I of Narcos, the Netflix sensation about the bloody era of the Pablo Escobar years. But instead of witnessing an exchange of drugs –or weapons– we see men exchanging books… books by the great García Márquez.

Watch as a very unusual patrón scolds his men for not bringing La Hojarasca.

(Oh, and while we’re at it, PLEASE REMEMBER: It’s Colombia, Not Columbia.)

Via: CNET en Español


Jeb Bush Can Tell if Someone Hails from Colombia, Not Columbia; Has Wife Named Columba

Jeb Bush with [tiny] Mexican wife, Columba
Jeb Bush with [tiny] Mexican wife, Columba
It is not a huge secret that Jeb Bush has a pretty decent command of the Spanish language. And now, thanks to the New York Times, we also know he’s also good at guessing the Latin American country where a person is from based on his/her accent.

Per an a March 29, 2015 article:

HUDSON, N.H. — As Jeb Bush mingled with Hispanic workers on a company tour a few weeks ago on his first trip here as an all-but-declared candidate for president, he was able to guess the region in Colombia where one woman was born just from hearing her accent.

He should know better.

While many politicians — and pretty much most “regular Americans”– insist on confusing Colombia with Columbia –and viceversa — something like that would simply be an unforgivable and goofy mistake for a man whose Mexican wife goes by the name of –what else?– Columba.

Editor’s Note: Depending on the success -or not- of Jeb Bush’s campaign for 2016, this blogger will be launching a new category: #ItsColumbaNotColumbia 

‘Betty la Fea’ in Arabic is ‘Heba Regel -El Ghorab’

Actress Amy Samir Ghanem will play the starring role of Betty in 'Heba Regel-El Ghorab'
Actress Amy Samir Ghanem will play the starring role of Betty in ‘Heba Regel-El Ghorab’

Great news coming from crisis-ridden Egypt, you guys!

A Sony production office in Cairo today announced the upcoming premiere of an Arabic version of Yo Soy Betty la Fea, the famed Colombian telenovela that has seen hundreds of versions worldwide -and its share of product placements– including ABC’s Ugly Betty.

The Arabic version will be called Heba Regel- El Ghorab, which I believe means Yo soy Betty la Fea in Arabic, though I’m not 100% sure.

Per Sony, the new series consists of 90 one-hour episodes that will air in Arabic and will be seen throughout the Arab world, including Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, Syria, and Tunisia.

I think this is great, especially if you believe (like I do) that telenovelas are wonderful pacifiers and help suppress civilian uprisings in some countries (ahem, ahem, Mexico?)

So stop revolting already, and watch a novela instead!