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Fox News Totally Loves Muslims — as long as they Come Wrapped in the U.S. Flag

Kind of reminds me of this thing. Big #LOL Via: The Hill

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Black Man. White Man. Mexican Sombreros. ‘Mad Men’ Finally Shows Commitment to Diversity

From the Sunday April 12, 2015 episode of Mad Men. Photo: Laura Martínez

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Attention, Architects: Here’s Your Chance to Add some Diversity to your Next Project

I know squat about architecture, but apparently when it comes to architectural renderings, there is –surprise, surprise!– a serious lack of diversity, with most projects using white folks as renderings to represent people in, say, a Mexican supermarket or a Colombian coffee shop. With that … Continue reading

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‘Emojis’ Will Soon be Browner, Blacker, Because Diversity

Tired of the lack of diversity in the media and pretty much elsewhere? Worry no more! Very soon, your cute yellow -and white-faced emojis will be able to adopt up to six different skin tones, from unreal, weirdly yellowish yellow to … Continue reading

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