You can Never Have Enough Hispanic Dolls

amd_maruJust when you thought there were enough Latino-themed dolls out there, a new Hispanic babe known simply as Maru, has made her U.S. debut. But, unlike certain others and according to her creators, she has it no easy down here. 

This little Hispanic girl has to leave her loved ones behind to travel to the United States, a foreign place where she doesn’t understand the language, says The Daily News.

So don’t be fooled by the cashmere scarf, skirt, tights, hat and matching purse with boots; this 21-inch sweetie was born in some far away place and has probably been smuggled here by some sleazy pollero. Hopefully, at $95 apiece, she might be able to send some cash home or, who knows, even pay to have the familia join her.

8 thoughts on “You can Never Have Enough Hispanic Dolls

  1. First of all love your blog. Second, “No mamen,” sorry but thats the first thing that came out of my mouth here at work.

  2. what’s the deal with dolls lately?? i still think the terrorist doll gets the first prize, although Maru can (literally) give her a run for her money…

  3. “Little girls want to play with a doll that looks like them,” Gutiérrez says. “If you play with a doll, you should feel that the doll is you and that you are the doll.”


    I am happy she has captured the Latina essence in this cute but tragic doll.

  4. Very nice doll. I think little girls do want to play with dolls that resemble themselves. I also think that they should have dolls resembling other races to show them that its ok to care for everyone no matter what color they are.

  5. First, I should confess: I collect playscale dolls and action figures.

    I would add Rosa of the Mixis, a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural doll series produced by Canadian YNU Group, Inc. to your list of Hispanic dolls. I learned about this series last year when I was seeking the Mattel Rebelde sets. (Yes, Mattel produced all six members of the group last year; they’re still available at Target.)

    There’s a lovely Olga Tanon doll as well as 12″ Ricky Martin and 11.5″ Selena. (I’ve seen the last two on eBay.)

    You can read about that search and see photos of Rosa as well as the Rebelde dolls on my blog, I also show other ethnic dolls.

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