‘Emojis’ Will Soon be Browner, Blacker, Because Diversity

BlackemojisTired of the lack of diversity in the media and pretty much elsewhere? Worry no more! Very soon, your cute yellow -and white-faced emojis will be able to adopt up to six different skin tones, from unreal, weirdly yellowish yellow to an almost-pitch black.

This added diversity comes courtesy of the Unicode Consortium, the group that governs the emoji standard, which today said it is working on an update that “addresses emoji diversity.” In a nutshell, this basically means we will soon be able to use some sort of tech tool to make our emojis more brown/black and hopefully less güeritos.

I applaud the Unicode Consortium for their diversity efforts, because even if Hispanics and/or African-Americans continue to be underrepresented in media, politics, entertainment and pretty much elsewhere, at least we’ll be more accurately represented in the very important world of chatting with our friends and family using emoticons.

I mean, embracing diversity has to start somewhere.


Via: CNET en Español


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