‘El Diario’ Launches New Design, Adds Hashtags, Because Why Not?

The new 'El Diario.' Just like the regular Diario but with hashtags and bigger pictures
The new ‘El Diario.’ Just like the regular Diario but with hashtags and bigger pictures

Apparently the big news in the world of Spanish-language media today is the redesign of New York City’s venerable daily El Diario La Prensa.

The announcement comes on the heels of major executive and editorial changes at the impreMedia-owned newspaper; changes that have been the subject of harsh criticism, including this commentary by Ángelo Falcón, who claims the 101-year-old brand is undergoing a “Reconquista” of sorts.

Regardless, El Diario‘s new design –according to its owners–  “greatly enhances reader experience for its iconic brand,” and represents “a renewed commitment to better address the needs of the Latino community.”

All that sounds peachy, but judging from the video below, the new Diario will bring our community bigger pictures and tons of hashtags, because, Twitter, you know?

Note: I have not yet bought my print copy. I will do so later today and will keep you guys posted.

A Valentine’s Gift That Will Make Your Girlfriend Wrap Her Legs -Not Arms- Around Your Neck

The creators of the Partner ES900, a portable translator that would seduce your girlfriend into opening her legs, are back at it, with a new marketing blitz pitching the device as the sole “linguistic method” that would make your girl wrap her legs -and not her arms- around your neck. [Click photo to enlarge.]

This piece first appeared in New York’s El Diario la Prensaproving once again that a good marketer knows her market well.

A Portable Translator that Will Seduce Your Valentine Into Opening Her Legs, Ahem, Heart

You gotta love Spanish-language media. Not only you get to read stuff in your own language, but you are exposed to some marketing gems like this one found on today’s El Diario la Prensa, pitching the PartnerES900: A translation machine that will make your sweetheart “go into ecstasy” and have her open her … heart. (Click to enlarge.. the photo, just the photo.)

Here’s a taste of the precious text for the monolingual crowd:

“Give your partner the hottest -and most powerful- present ever: The English/Spanish translator Partner ES900. Her satisfaction will be immediate. Your partner will open, even more, the doors of her heart -and her life- when she sees the power that you have in your hands.”

Hat tip: José Simián

‘El Diario’ Says ‘Adiós’ to Our Favorite Hate Monger

Under an op-ed piece titled Good-bye to an anti-hispanic, New York City’s El Diario La Prensa today applauded CNN for the decision to oust Lou Dobbs, who -among other things- had claimed immigrants are responsible for “an increase in leprosy in the U.S.”

In its Thursday editorial, El Diario editors stated:

“We applaud the determined organizing by Latino, immigrant and media groups and we applaud CNN for coming to the right decision… Now, we’re off to get Beck and O’Reilly.”

[Well, actually that last bit was a contribution by this blogger.]

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