‘Rich, Arrogant, Ignorant People Should not be Presidents,’ Says Rich, Arrogant, Ignorant former President


You know the world has gone to hell when you have people like Vicente Fox criticizing Donald Trump for being an “ignorant, rich, pompous man,” who shouldn’t be president because that would be just crazy.

As my abuela used to say: El burro hablando de orejas (The pot calling the kettle black) and where is the EXIT door? I want out now!


What do Jorge Ramos and John Oliver Have in Common? U.S. Machines Don’t Understand their Accent

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.03.41 PMDuring a brief trip to New York for Upfronts Week, Univision host Jorge Ramos took some time to interview John Oliver.

They touched on many serious — and not so serious — topics, including Oliver’s memorable interview with Edward Snowden, which led to the following exchange:

Jorge Ramos: Why do you think [Snowden] picked you, and not a respected journalist?

John Oliver: [LAUGHTER] I’m not a respected journalist, because I’m not a journalist, I’m a comedian!

Yet, my favorite part has to be when the pair set out to discuss the subject of electronic imperialism and how bloody frustrating it is when when automatic operators simply cannot understand us, the Mexicans and the British.

See? That’s why the only electronic exchanges I can take are those involving super smart, Spanish-speaking ones that are even willing to sing La Cucaracha.

(Watch the full clip below.)

Via: Fusion

I Don’t Know You, but I’ll be Watching #SOTUS with an Accent


It took me forever to admit this. But I am a sucker for Latinos speaking with an accent. So instead of going for some serious journalistic outlet or other kind of Pulitzer-prize-winning publication, I am going to be watching #SOTUS with the adorably accented Jorge Ramos and occasionally switching to an irreverent Talking Hot Dog (who is now sort of my Twitter buddy.)


Oh, and did I mention I am NOT a so-called #millennial?

OMG, You Guys! The Latin James Bond is Coming!

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 12.31.32 PM

U.S.-born Latinos who prefer to speak English -and pretty much suck at writing in any language- can’t get enough novelty on television this 2013. First came Fusion, with its easy-to-understand English-language news shows. And now, comes El Rey Network, a new English-language cable network created by director Robert Rodriguez and backed by Comcast and -who else?- Univision.

Scheduled to launch later this month, El Rey Network was introduced in May by Univision CEO Randy Falco as part of Univision’s “firm commitment to providing Latinos with the best in-culture programming available.”

And what could be more “in-culture” than an Untitled Latin James Bond?

I’m telling you, I can’t wait for a hot, brawny mustachioed Latin man asking for his margarita, shaken, not steeeeerd.

There’s also tons of action: Mass shootings, burning cars and even a exploding brassiere or two. Take a look:

At Last! English-language TV I Can Actually Understand

jorge-ramos-y-leon-krauze_323x216The big news today was the official launch of Fusion, the ABC News/Univision joint cable network, whose tagline, Not Everybody Gets It, is more than fitting, considering I have Time Warner Cable and thus, I don’t GET it.

But I digress. Among Fusion’s premiere shows today were America with Jorge Ramos, and Open Source, hosted by León Krauze, both Mexican paisanos of mine, who will be hosting their own English-language shows.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.12.46 PM

This, of course, couldn’t make this blogger any happier. At last, after all these years in this country, I’ll be able to watch English-language TV and actually understand it.

Can’t wait for much more of stuff like this. After all, as Jorge Ramos says: This is ágüer America! O sea que ¡ajúa, güeyes!

This New Cable Network is Making me Thirsty!


I don’t know you, but every time I see the Fusion logo, I feel like running to my nearest bodega and grab a Fanta de tamarindo.

But I digress…

Fusion, the ABC News/Univision joint cable net, has confirmed it will launch on October 28 to champion a “smart, diverse and inclusive America.” And, I couldn’t be happier: As I said before: I can’t wait to watch English-language programming in an accent I can actually understand.


ABC/Univision Announce the Birth of “Fusion.” Sounds Way Better than “Milán Piqué”


The folks over at ABC/Univision took advantage of the whole Let’s-Make-Fun-of-the-Pope thing to sneak in a late-afternoon press release announcing the name of their upcoming cable venture. The partners have settled on Fusion, which -in case you were wondering- is English for Fusión. (Sorry for the explanation, but you never know with the monolingual crowd.)

I think that if these guys were going to settle on a Ford model, they should have picked Fiesta instead (you know, in keeping with the Latino onda and all.) Still, considering they failed to consult with this blogger before making such a dramatic announcement, I think the name is OK.

Anything -ANYTHING- sounds better than Milán Piqué.