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The Deportation Bus Might be My Free Ticket Back to Mexicou!

If you thought American politicians had run out of ideas to get rid of those pesky Mexicans, think again. I give you The Deportation Bus, a moving campaign ad for GOP Georgia governor candidate Michael Williams, who is running on a … Continue reading

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See? Even the GOP Knows Mexicans Speak Perfect English Before Crossing the U.S. Border

Mike Pape, a Republican dude running for Kentucky’s first Congressional district, has released a new TV ad featuring what he thinks are Latino immigrants, complete with Mario Bros.-like mustaches and fake accents. In the :30 TV spot (below) three men, presumably undocumented immigrants … Continue reading

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Further Evidence Emerges of Mexi-Muslim Connection

As it turns out, these tricky islamist radicals are not only becoming experts in ‘acting Hispanic’ and copying our tacos and all. They are now confusing the hell out of mainstream, non-Latino, non-Muslim, non-radical Americans by making believe pitas and … Continue reading

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Congressman Uncovers Mexi-Muslim Connection

And you thought politicians were a bunch of good for nothings… In the latest development concerning the Mexi-Muslim threat, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is now saying that this week’s bombings of the Boston Marathon should give pause to immigration reform advocates who … Continue reading

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Rubio Wants English-Only Policies. Yet, Finds Spanish Convenient to Pander to Hispanics

Florida’s GOP Senate nominee Marco Rubio has taken any chance possible to say that English should be the official language of the United States. He is also well known for his hard line rhetoric against immigration. Yet, when it comes … Continue reading

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