Rubio Wants English-Only Policies. Yet, Finds Spanish Convenient to Pander to Hispanics

Florida’s GOP Senate nominee Marco Rubio has taken any chance possible to say that English should be the official language of the United States. He is also well known for his hard line rhetoric against immigration.

Yet, when it comes to winning votes among Hispanics, the son of Cuban immigrants has not missed the opportunity to speak, well, in Spanish, the language of Cuban immigrants.

7 thoughts on “Rubio Wants English-Only Policies. Yet, Finds Spanish Convenient to Pander to Hispanics

  1. IMHO..Marco Rubio….
    another Gusano Cubano who’s eagerly sold his soul to the devil(US racism and xenophobia) for pieces of silver..
    Many Gusanos I’ve known before are racist towards non-Cuban Latinos especially those from Mexico and Central America..
    Too many of these light skinned Cubanos are arrogant and racist as hell,they somehow feel they are superior to those of us Latinos with sangre Indio o Africano..
    No doubt,they’ve got a serious attitude problem..
    Rubio and his ilk ran away like little chickens from Cuba after the revolution to hide behind Tio Sam’s pantalones..instead of staying in Cuba to fight for their cause they chose the cowardly option of running to save their hides..they ran like hell from Cuba because unlike normal human beings they are incapable of sharing with others or not having servants,or not live like royalty runnig corrupt governments while the poor starve to death and are shot down like dogs in the streets for speaning out against fascism..
    This lap dog Marco Rubio..he’ll kiss racist/xenophobic gringo butt until the chickens come home to roost..
    Witness his Englsh only,implied anti-Mexicano anti-undocumented worker rants and threats he yaps about incessantly in order to placate American racists of all stripes as well as the idiotic Tea Party fools out there in la la land ..what a jerk..
    This guy Rubio (blondie) is a disgrace and we Latinos should all pinch in and buy him a case of some brown or black tinted Clairol so he can look like the majority of us..
    This “blonde” guy is a rotten egg..that’s my opinion..

    1. Ms. Laura Martinez: Marcos Rubio is not playing politics he is saying what,s best for the Country, he is not trying to be polically correct but only speaking reality. You apparently want an open border you want “spanish only” and this isn,t good, you must know better, besides that you wants instant citizenphip for all the immigrants, take a look how the Mexican goverment treat the cuban escaping from the island and others….You and J. Ramos are on the same page.

      Marcos Rubio is not “a rotten egg” are a disgrace to the press.
      Respct the cubans to be respected.
      Osberto B. FErnandez, a cuban.

    2. The truth is that envy will consume
      you all.People like you did not come from the Mayas or the Incas.People li
      ke you came from the rotten indians trying to get power in mexico.

    3. Hey Chicano:
      Get it through your head, we are Cubans first and Americans second.
      We are here legally and love this country. More power to Marcos Rubio for speaking his mind.

  2. Blessing to all. I believe that Marco Rubio is representative to all Hispanic not only Cubans, I am proud to be a Cuban native. I am 74 years old, and I am in this country for more than 57 years, as an American citizen I am a Cuban/American who believed in the freedom of speech as long you respect where you came from. You have an Hispanic name you should be proud of your heritage and you should respect the heritage of others. I don’t know if you were involve in politics or what is your game, you should report the truth, not gossiping, for personal interest, you are lucky that you are in the USA, otherwise in third countries you could have been hear in many forms. Respect others so you can be fruitful in your game. Pastor Eladio herrera

  3. Mrs. Laura Martinez.

    I believe that if the WordPress media authority demands respect from the community, it must also take into consideration the opinions of readers that post offensive comments of other ethnic groups and ensure that there they are eliminated or at least there is an objective response to the same comments. At least, that’s would I will do if I have a public network under my responsibility.

    Mrs. Martinez, I take offense that you left crude comments of individuals directed towards Cuban exiles, and that you did not provide sufficient evidence to portray Senator Marcos Rubio as a “racist” and against Mexican immigrants.

    I want to know, if in Mexico, a country endowed with great diversity, an immigrant would have to learn Spanish, the official language of the nation, and adapt to the customs and culture of the nation in order to be recognized as a true citizen and have a chance at being successful?

    Definitively, individuals that post these type comments detract from the seriousness and prestige of an honest News related blog. In conclusion, after reading the balance of items included in your blog, I’m of the opinion that your cyberspace has an Amarillista Agenda, dedicated to contaminate what should be an honorable journalistic atmosphere.


    Dinorah C Rivas

  4. The true of the matter is that the gusanos cubanos of Miami(banana republican town) are lecay y brown nosers who will kill their mother if needed to get the crumbs from their gringo masters

    The real cubans are in the Island, facing heroically the betreyal from these @#$%mfkrs and a blocade for 50 yrs.

    Miami gusanos cubanos STINK!!!!!!!

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