Are you Ready for Some Latino-Inspired Online Shopping?

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.01.01 PMAwwww, the Internet is full of wonderful things, isn’t it?

Take the growing crop of Latino-inspired products you can now buy online, promising you to hold onto our Hispanicness by acquiring accessories, clothing, nutrition supplements and –yes– hats, all inspired by Latinos or Hispanic people like -ahem, ahem- you and me.

One of such sites is, which I only discovered today (apologies) and which peddles all kinds of awesome stuff, including a Latino-inspired wallet, a culturally-relevant stuffed armadillo or — better — a Que pasa vato [SIC] baby bib hereby featured on an adorable, albeti non-Latino-looking toddler.

Mama Ines is being pitched as the Cuban Aunt Jemima
Mama Ines is being pitched as the Cuban Aunt Jemima

However, if generic “Hispanic stuff” is not for you because you happen to belong to a special type of Hispanic (i.e. you are Cuban), we have something awesome just for you: The Cuban Food Market, where you can find some jewels from the island-to-become-Miami-in-no-time®, including a Le Cuban Salt & Pepper shaker or the Mama Ines [SIC] fridge magnet (below).

All I can say is one Very Latino Thing: ¡Ay, Dios mío!