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EXCLUSIVE: Cuban Lab Preps the Fidel Castro Fragrance

After all, what are we going to do now that the Cuban government has decided to ruin the Ché-Chávez fragrance fun?

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RIP Hugo Chávez. A Ranchero Singer at Heart

Say what you will about Hugo Chávez. He gave this blogger many great moments. And here’s one of my favorite ones.

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Gaddafi Wants you to Know He is NOT in Venezuela

Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter or Facebook. Lybia’s dictator Muammar Gaddafi went on national television to dispel rumors that he had fled to friendly Venezuela. “I am here to show that I am in Tripoli and not in … Continue reading

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Hugo Chávez Thinks ’12 Corazones’ Reduces Relationships to Genitals. I Beg to Differ

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know by now Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez has banned a bunch of television shows, including two of Telemundo’s blockbusters, Caso Cerrado and 12 Corazones, denouncing them as “degrading” and even claiming the latter … Continue reading

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Chávez Chants About Requited Dislike for Clinton

Hugo Chávez knows Hillary Clinton is not particularly fond of him. So the Venezuelan leader decided to improvise a heartfelt melody about their mutual dislike for each other. Enjoy, and if you don’t understand the lyrics, read below: Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Latin America’s ‘Axis of Evil’ Joins Twitter

Not content with debuting this week on Twitter, Hugo Chávez -aka @ChavezCandanga is now inviting pals Evo Morales and Fidel Castro to follow suit. I am already a morbid loyal follower of both, @ChavezCandanga @ReflexionFidel, though my sources tell me … Continue reading

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Oliver Stone Totally Hearts Chávez; Fears His New Movie Will not be Shown in U.S. [I Wonder Why]

There is one thing that has Americans even more pissed than Obama speaking to their precious little brats children, and that is the fact that their very own, U.S.-born, Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone is now, like Hugo Chávez’ BFF. Stone’s … Continue reading

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Chávez Urges Venezuelans to Use Their ‘Vergatarios’ (And it’s NOT What you Think)

You might not know this (why would you?) but the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela prides itself -among many other things- on having manufactured one of the world’s cheapest cellular telephones, specifically designed to be available to the masses in a … Continue reading

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Chávez, Castro as Technophobics in ISHR Campaign

The International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) has tapped Raúl Castro, Hugo Chávez and other “notable” members of the current political landscape for a world-wide campaign in the defense of the Internet as a weapon to promote human rights. “Scared … Continue reading

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Chávez Celebrates Everlasting Presidency With Endless Broadcast

How else would you celebrate a 10-year presidential term with no end in sight than with a 4-day radio and television broadcast of the president himself? Yes, my friends. Just when you thought Venezuelan media couldn’t get any more interesting, … Continue reading

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