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Because… What Else Where you Going to Call your Bar?

Move over, Pollería Cibercafé, here comes the one and only “Bar Sinso,” featuring a drunk, but happy “Bar Sinso” (aka Bart Simpson.) Via: Reddit

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Fox News Thinks Mexico Is so Great, there are Many of them!

Racism? Ignorance? Why not both? Here’s the full segment if you’re so inclined… btw, there’s no missing context. Here’s the video of the segment. pic.twitter.com/5BKnEvaadx — andrew kaczynski (@KFILE) 31 de marzo de 2019 Hat tip: Bad Fox Graphics

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‘El País’: Mobile Services Move Slowly in Latin America, Because my People Ride Horses –or Something

Yes, the above image (via Getty) was the image of choice by the editors of El País to illustrate an otherwise unremarkable story about mobile services and access in Latin America. I think this is all great, but I have one question: … Continue reading

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Venezuelan TV Host Gets Naked Delivering News about Cristiano Ronaldo, because Latin America

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted. Venezuelan TV host Yuvi Pallares thought it was an awesome idea to get naked as she reported the news about Cristiano Ronaldo dating Playboy model Daniella Chávez. Don’t be too shock, though. The stunt is fairly common — … Continue reading

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McDonald’s ‘Boliviarian’ Menu Replaces Fries with Yuquitas

You know things are tough in Venezuela when hundreds of local McDonald’s restaurants decide to drop French fries from their menu. Per the local press, more than 100 McDonald’s establishments in Venezuela have pretty much taken off French fries from their combos, claiming a nationwide … Continue reading

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It’s not Déjà Vu, It’s ‘Dejabu’ in El Salvador

Photo: Laura Martínez, Juayúa, El Salvador.

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Americans: Here’s your [Last] Chance to See the Real Cuba

I am not going to bother you with details, but unless you’ve been living under a rock (or have no access to the Internet), I’m sure you know that hipster/communist/pothead/deranged/delusional President Barack Obama on Wednesday decided to be like BFF with the Castro brothers (and … Continue reading

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