And Now… a Shiraz for the Fine Hispanic Palate

Tired of your same old Yellow Tail? Here is a 2007 Shiraz that will lift your spirits and will probably leave you wrestling a mortal resaca the following morning.

Introducing Australia’s Luchador Shiraz.

According to wine enthusiasts, the Luchador Shiraz is “dark purple and deep red in color and has copious amounts of vanilla, black licorice, oak, and blackberry jam on the nose.”

I don’t know you, but this blogger is reluctant to try anything that will potentially make you feel like having “blackberry jam on the nose.” But after embarking on a 2-minute Google search serious investigation, I found that this wine is for real and was conceived by some Aussie guy who wanted his beer-drinking beers to try something a little more sophisticated.

According to the wine’s creator:

“A Mexican friend of mine took a bottle to a family party of about 200 in East Los Angeles and someone commented, ‘I’ve never seen a wine with Hispanic appeal before.’ I love it when stuff like this happens.”

Alas, at $17.99 a bottle, the thing is a little too steep to appeal this particular Hispanic (i.e. an underpaid blogger). So next time I attend a family party of about 200, I will stick to my case of Coronitas.

Hat tip: Marco Vega