Michelle and Sasha Obama Had Sunday Lunch in Spain… And it Was Much Nicer than Yours

"Oh, what a wonderful brown little person we have here!"

OK, so if you thought your weekend sucked, consider this: While you and I were enjoying our typical Sunday breakfast, two beautiful Obama girls were having a delightful Sunday lunch with none other than the mismísimo King of Spain -and wife.

According to AP:

Lunch was Andalusian-style chilled gazpacho soup, chargrilled turbot, veal escalopes with mustard, Oriental rice with sauteed mushrooms, a Mallorca-style vegetable ratatouille and sliced fruit with ice cream, accompanied by wines from the northern regions of Rueda and Rioja.”

“Chargrilled turbot” AND “Andalusian-style chilled gazpacho”? Gee! Next time you feel like boasting about your Sunday brunch… Please, pause a little and show some respect … digo, unless you tell me you actually had all that fancy shit for brunch. I mean, come on!