Are You ‘Hombre’ Enough? Las Deportadas Want to Know

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.03.38 PM

In its ongoing quest to position itself as the beer for real hombres, Tecate today launched the Are you hombre enough? challenge, basically asking guys -Latinos and non-Latinos- to prove their manhood.

The challenge, led by a pair of sportscasters known as Las Deportadas (a tongue-in-cheek moniker to show they are Hispanics and sports specialists) basically aims at testing guys’ manhood by asking them “super revealing” questions. For example:

Fans are encouraged to quickly answer a series of questions designed to test their hombre-hood, including “Your girlfriend asks you to hold her purse. What should you do?”

Because as everyone knows, carrying your girlfriend’s purse will make you look like a sissy, something your macho compadres will never approve of.

What I don’t quite get from the whole promotion is how expressing your love for Tecate Light will make you hombre enough. All the real hombres I know (and those I’m attracted to) will most likely gulp down liters of mezcal, tequila or aguardiente while actively refusing to carry your purse and urging you to take your top off.

Watch Las Deportadas do their thing as they go to “Dallas” (no pun intended.)