This Mexican Town Will Give you a Tax Break if you Lose Weight


You can accuse my people (i.e. The Mexicans) of being lazy and all, but there is one thing we truly excel at: Fiscal Policy Innovation.

Take the town of San Nicolás de los Garza, in Northern Mexico, which is inviting property owners to a weight-loss program whose goal is to shed 10 kilograms or more during a 10-week period. The reward? A family whose combined weight loss totals 10 kilos or more will get a 50 percent credit on their 2017 taxes.

I think that is a really awesome program, especially in a state known for its world-class cabrito, which would make any property owner think twice before embracing any type of weight-loss challenge.

Personally, I do not plan to lose weight, nor quit cabrito any time soon, so it’s a great thing I don’t own property after all.

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Ferrari Preps for Mexican Grand Prix with Hilarious Promo Chuck-Full of Stereotypes

Ferrari drivers get their taco fix
Ferrari drivers get their taco fix

As Scuderia Ferrari prepares for the upcoming Mexico Grand Prix, Mexico born Ferrari racer Esteban Gutiérrez gives team members Vettel y Raikkonen a quick — and hilarious — 5-step tutorial on how to prepare for Mexico.

  1. Learn the importance of güey and hecho la mocha
  2. How to properly eat a taco (hint: stick your ass a little bit)
  3. How read the Aztec calendar
  4. Learn to sing with a mariachi
  5. Pick the right sombrero (i.e. a racing helmet, of course!)


Hat tip: Lorenzo Parro