Sadly, McDonald’s Denies Being Behind Awesome Stop & Frisk Meal Giveaway

UPDATE: Predictably (i.e. sadly) McDonald’s denied being behind this awesome idea. This blogger continues to urge the NYPD to launch such an effort and include Mexican fare in their meal offering (I mean, in case the stopped and frisked happen to be Latinos.)

Oh, how I wished this was true!

In a move to show the world the ridiculousness of racial profiling African-Americans, a website claiming to be associated with McDonald’s has launched the Three Strikes, You’re In!, a program that “rewards New Yorkers for their patience with the “Stop and Frisk” policy.”

Per a release:

[…] Individuals who are stopped and released three times without charge are eligible for one Happy Meal™ at participating McDonald’s stores. To receive their Happy Meal™, customers must record each stopping officer’s badge number, as well as the the time and location of the stop, on a voucher obtainable at these stores.

This “effort” is too ridiculous (and brilliant) to be true. However, this blogger thinks it’s actually not a bad idea at all. And given the fact that many victims of NYPD’s Stop & Frisk program are also Hispanics, I would like to encourage the NYPD to put it into place and actually expand their meal offering to include Chipotle or Taco Bell. (I’m sure many of my fellow Latinos would looooove to be given the option of a free burrito or a free torta.)