Jorge Ramos to President Obama: ‘No Way, José’

Jorge Ramos would like you to know that he rejects the use of his impossibly cute face image to support the message of any politician, whether he or she is Republican or Democrat. The video below comes on the heels of Barack Obama’s promotional campaign video using a clip from Noticias Univision with Ramos talking about Latinos and the lack of health insurance.

Watch Ramos in full action defending his journalistic integrity and… sigh away, muchachas. Isn’t he something?

DNC Launches Spanish-language TV Spot. Could Use Some Spanish-language Copy Editing

The Democratic National Committee (NDC) on Friday launched its first Spanish-language TV spot, featuring President Obama and the Democratic Party as the only ones out there who protect the interests of Latino families in the U.S.

So far so good. But while it bluntly attacks the Republicans for slashing Medicare, it also blasts them for supporting the bajadas of the taxes… Bajadas?!!!

This blogger applauds DNC’s efforts and bluntly offers them help with their Spanish copy: Would you guys mind doing a little editing before airing stuff? Digo, yo.