Jorge Ramos to President Obama: ‘No Way, José’

Jorge Ramos would like you to know that he rejects the use of his impossibly cute face image to support the message of any politician, whether he or she is Republican or Democrat. The video below comes on the heels of Barack Obama’s promotional campaign video using a clip from Noticias Univision with Ramos talking about Latinos and the lack of health insurance.

Watch Ramos in full action defending his journalistic integrity and… sigh away, muchachas. Isn’t he something?

One thought on “Jorge Ramos to President Obama: ‘No Way, José’

  1. BARACK is the fraudster of fraudsters….
    not only having removed the individuls
    right to a trial. He now has the right to
    kill any individual / if they be seen as a
    threat to the USA govt or USA military.

    Such acts of murder now being called
    “lawful murder” lawful meaning it done
    in the defence of democracy freedom.

    The USA is as the “TITANIC” heading
    toward “ICEBERG” their criminal acts
    having committed against humanity is
    heartbreaking in millions slaughtered
    torture & false imprisonment common
    which be done / carried out worldwide.

    USA GOVT’s it’s MILITARY ever lost
    in ILLUSION of WORLD Domination.

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