La Tigresa de Oriente’s Awesome World Cup Video is Here!

This blogger’s favorite Peruvian artist is back on the scene, this time with a video filmed in Iquitos, Peru cheering for Peru’s National Soccer team and –for the most part– thanking coach Ricardo Gareca for taking the team to a World Cup after so many years! (36 to be precise.)

Mind you, the lyrics of this thing are just as awesome as the visuals. Here’s a taste:

Peru, positive claws for all my boys

Thank you, Gareca, for taking us to the World Cup after all these years

Thank you, boys, we’re one voice

Let’s all yell together the goals of Peru, trah-lah-lah


Hat tip: @lechancle (¿quién más?)

British TV Producers Punish Peruvian Tribe by Sending a Bunch of White, Disrespectful Teenagers

‘Ethan and Alex are sent to Peru to live with the Ashaninka tribe for crimes of laziness and being spoilt’

What to do with lazy, spoilt, disrespectful teenagers who do nothing but play video games all day long?

Send them to Peru, of course!

That is basically the premise of Tribal Teens, a reality TV show hailing form England that sends entitled little brats to live in “dire conditions” and face “life-changing challenges” in some of the world’s most remote tribes.

Among these are the Ashaninka indians in the Peruvian Amazon, who for some screwed up reason ended hosting not only these spoiled, disrespectful teens, but an army of television producers, cameramen, make-up artists, etc., etc.

Seriously, dude. What did the Ashaninka do to deserve this punishment? Can somebody please fill me in?

Peru Sex Worker Vows to Put Order in the Brothel that is Congress

"Let's make the Congress a respectable brothel."
“Let’s make Congress a respectable brothel.”

Angela Villón, a Peruvian sex worker, has been very active of late trying to snatch a seat in the country’s congress.

A native of Lima, Villón is running for El Frente Amplio, a coalition of leftist parties and movements, in Peru’s general and legislative elections this month. She is one of more than 2,600 candidates for 130 seats in Peru’s legislative chamber.

I am not sure if she will make it, but voters would be well-advised to pay attention. As Villón says in one of her awesome video campaign ads [below]: She is “a decent whore, determined to make Congress a respectable brothel.” (Una puta decente que hará del congreso un burdel respetable).


Hat tip: Iván Cordalupo