OMG! Even Jorge Ramos Thinks His Skin Color Could Get Him into Trouble in Arizona

If you are still unconvinced about how bad things are in Arizona, consider this. Even our very own Jorge Ramos, Univision’s cute-as-a-button, blond and blue-eyed news anchor, fears he could be stopped in Arizona because of the color of his skin.

In his Aug. 2 syndicated column, Ramos expressed a little relief about Judge Susan Bolton issuing an injunction to suspend some of the most controversial parts of the SB1070 Law:

“[…] Otherwise, I would not have felt quite as comfortable walking in downtown Phoenix the other day without my passport or driver’s license. Some police officers’ suspicions might have been aroused by my brown skin and slight accent…”

Not sure about the accent thing -yet- but if you think you look a bit browner than this guy, be afraid, be very afraid!

As Arizona’s Passage of the SB1070 Becomes Imminent, I Worry for the Future of Miss Caliente

With Arizona’s sb1070 set to take effect Thursday, nobody has been able to inform this blogger what will become of the state’s annual Miss Caliente pageant, that “unforgettable event that places the strength of Latina woman in the spotlight.”

I’m totally making this up My sources tell me the pageant this year will undergo a slight change of name to make sure these señoritas are all Legally Hot. Starting 2010, the Miss Caliente Pageant will become Miss Legally Caliente Pageant.

[Oh, and as for their skin color, I wouldn’t worry too much about them being pulled over by the local cops: these ladies seem to have mastered the art of hair coloring.]

Arizona’s Immigration Bill Opens World of Business Opportunities for this Blogger

After several days ruminating about what to do and how to go about Arizona’s sb1070s, this blogger decided to take the creative route and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that only “America” can offer its immigrants.

So, without further ado… here is my latest creation and what I believe will become my main source of income starting today and until I get caught -and punished- by the migra for making fun of anti-immigration laws.

[I just hope it will be as popular as my previous one]

Arizona, The Land of Wonder… I Wonder How Long I Could Go Without Being Arrested

According to the state’s official tourism visitor guide, Arizona is a Land of Wonder; a place where you can plan a “Grand” vacation filled with fun activities including hiking, biking, rafting and even mule-riding.

What I find most fascinating, though, is the fact that the guide highlights the state’s proximity to Mexico, and actually encourages tourists to visit Mexico:

“Mexico boasts cultural festivals, heritage areas, colonial towns, pre-Colombian history such as Mayan and Aztec ruins, and much more. […] Tourists can take advantage of the great beaches, archeological zones, music, art, food, and cultural experiences.”

Ah…. so now I finally get it!

What this whole thing means is: If you want to see Mexicans, or anything related to Mexico’s culture or heritage, you’ll be better off taking a car and cross the border; chances are you will not see any of that around here anymore.

[Oh, and please don’t worry; Mexican cops are not into racial-profiling. They are equal opportunity shooters.]

Arizona’s SB1070 is So Bad, Even Tancredo Worries

Yes, my friends. Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo this week blasted the Arizona immigration bill, saying it might have gone too far.

He even expressed concern that people would be “pulled over because [you] look like should be pulled over.”

Mind you, this comes from one of the country’s most forceful opponents of illegal immigration or, as Jon Stewart pointed out lately:

“The man Mexican parents tell their kids about to make them to eat their vegetables!”

So, yeah, it’s that bad!

Image: via Early Onset of Night