Bigotry Leads to -What Else?- Bigotry

Via Cuernavaca 2.0.

For the uninitiated or, rather, the monolingual crowd, this Mexican taxi driver wants you to know There is no service available for gringos from Arizona.

Hat tip: Luis Cabrera

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2 Responses to Bigotry Leads to -What Else?- Bigotry

  1. Here is what Arizona legislative leaders had to say monday on the Phoenix PBS station:

    Perhaps both legislators need to re-watch this video themselves, and think about what they said. They claim that they don’t know what constitutes “reasonable suspicion”, and that is the police department’s job to figure out. Not a few minutes later, they seem dumbfounded how someone could claim this law encourages racial profiling. Unbelievable ignorance from these two.

  2. I hope every Spanish-language media in the US highlights every single solitary wrong arrest on this nazi law.

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