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From the Series ‘Mexicans: How Can Anyone not Like us?’

One of the greatest things about Mexicans is that they won’t discriminate against nations and/or nationalities when it comes to ask rotten politicians to go fuck themselves. Image via: Javier Risco

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After Orlando, Should Mexicans Keep Chanting ‘Ehhhhhh, Puto!’ at Soccer Matches?

Don’t go on reading if you think I have the answer to the above question, but it’s one that is being asked more and more these days, especially after a deranged individual stormed a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, killing … Continue reading

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Club América to Arizona: “No Fut for You!”

Full disclosure: I am a Pumas fan. But as the sensible person that I am not, I would like to personally thank Club América and Tuzos de Pachuca for their decision to cancel a soccer match that was scheduled for … Continue reading

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