The ‘NY Times’ Discovers Latinas ‘Pechonalidad’

Better late than never.

The New York Times today informs the world about one little secret many of us have known for, like, centuries: That Latinas equate big breasts with a strong personality. As a 27-year-old Dominican patient of a plastic surgeon in Washington Heights told the newspaper:

“My personality doesn’t go with small breasts,” she added. Using the words “pecho” and “personalidad” — Spanish for “breast” and “personality” — she coined a term that could serve as Dr. Yager’s motto: “Now, I’m a person with a lot of ‘pechonalidad!’ ”

This blogger thinks the story is sublime, and should be considered for this year’s Pulitzer Prize awards, except the Times makes one important mistake:

“[…]Immigrants can locate surgeons able to recreate the cleavage of Thalía, the Mexican singer.”

Thalia???!! You gotta be kidding me. If this blogger were to go for a “Latin cleavage,” there’s no way I’d go for the Thalia type. I would plunk down my entire savings -and 401K- accounts to get the Sofía Vergara-look, or at the very least, the Bárbara Bermudo one. Of course, I would have to say good-bye to Sunday mass.

Source: Plastic Surgery Among Ethnic Groups Mirrors Beauty Ideals –