Google’s Latino-Specific Web Domain has Mexicans Talking

Google this month launched a new Web domain – .soy – that is “intended to create a place online for the Hispanic community,” because apparently, we have nothing to do with the whole .com community (or, as I like to call it, the regular Internet.)

But while the new domain has had its detractors and its share of criticism, I can assure you at least my Mexican friends are taking the whole thing very seriously.

To wit.


Gracias, @elementoL2

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What Else Were you Going to call a Mexican Restaurant?

Call me crazy, but I think calling your Mexican restaurant Illegal Pete’s might not be a super terrific idea. Still, founder Pete Turner seems unaffected by the “fury” of about 50 people demanding a name change.

I’m sure it must be difficult to embark on a name change, especially if your name is Pete and you already has several restaurants open and many more to come. But, how about Undocumented Pete’s?

Just an idea!

Via: CBS Denver

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Finding a Job in Hispanic New York Is a Real Challenge

God, please grant my people the wisdom to properly navigate/figure out job postings in my beloved New York City

Photo: Laura Martínez

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Some Dude Claims to be an Expert in ‘Double-Decker Tacos’

Tyler Kord (right) is an expert double-decker-tacos (whatever those are)

Tyler Kord (right) is an expert double-decker-tacos (whatever those are)

You might not know who Tyler Kord is, but according to The Cooking Channel, Tyler Kord is the go-to dude for making double-decker-tacos, an abnormal concoction, which I’m sure is very popular in Tyler Kord’s kitchen and among Tyler Kord’s friends and readers of Tyler Kord’s cooking books.

¡Dios mío!

¡Dios mío!

But what on heavens is a double-decker-taco? … Well, I am glad you asked, because that is the very question being asked by the host of  The Cooking Channel: Basically, a double-decker taco is a tortilla wrapped in a hard-shell “taco” using black bean hummus as glue.

And why would anyone do that?

Because, as everybody knows, the world is coming to an end, we’re all close to extinction and nothing makes sense anymore.

Watch the following video below (WARNING: IT’S 5 MINUTES LONG) cringe, but –more importantly– do not try this at home.

Sombrero tip: @Bathtubmedia

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Sir Richard Branson Will not be Making you Tacos [Thank God]

No, Sir Richard Branson will not be making you tacos

No, Sir Richard Branson will not be making you tacos

So much for the VTG (Virgin Taco Gate).

Virgin, Virgin Mobile and Sir Richard Branson himself vehemently — and hilariously– have denied any involvement with the upcoming taco chain known as Virgin Tacos.

Virgin Mobile Mexico’s press release was actually funny and included some reference to the Virgin Taco Gate:

Unfortunately, we really suck at cooking Mexican food; however, we are very good at treating our customers as rockstars. [...]

The “Taco confusion” has led to a series of hilarious tweets by both, Virgin Mobile Mexico and Sir Richard Branson himself, who incidentally was in Mexico this week.

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Herman Cain’s Diatribe Against Mustachioed Aliens is Brought to you by a Taco -and Genesis


I’m seriously very busy this morning to say much about this right now, but feel free to comment, share, laugh, etc.

Additional h/t: to tweeps Frank Koughan & Julio Varela for sending this:

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‘Whites, Still Calling the Shots; then it’s all yours, Mexicans!’

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.02.34 PM

I totally missed this skit when it first aired on Saturday Night Live, but it’s funny as hell and deserves a spot on this venerable blog.

Watch, enjoy and –please– don’t take yourselves so seriously.

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