U.S.-Cuba: The Thaw in Today’s Newspapers [photo gallery]


Click on each paper (below) to see full gallery…

I will be adding more as time -and energy- allow.

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Americans: Here’s your [Last] Chance to See the Real Cuba

La Habana

La Habana

I am not going to bother you with details, but unless you’ve been living under a rock (or have no access to the Internet), I’m sure you know that hipster/communist/pothead/deranged/delusional President Barack Obama on Wednesday decided to be like BFF with the Castro brothers (and no, I’m not talking about those other Castro brothers.)

In any case, I’m sure you’re already planning your 2015 Cuba bacchanalia vacation thinking it’s going to be non-stop music, cigars, rum, chicas and fiesta. But let’s take a look at what this country looks like right now before you guys go ruin it all (HINT: It’s gorgeous!)

Oh, and by the way, I’m posting the following photos — taken by yours truly — with confidence I will not be deported and/or lose my Green Card in the process. (Should that be the case, please start raising some funds for my release.)

All photos by Laura Martínez (2012).

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This Prosecco Promises Pleasure [i.e. Sex] to Hispanic Drinkers

OK, so I’m sitting at this bar in Amsterdam, when I decided to order a Prosecco to go with my breakfast. [See? according to my very own drinking rules, Prosecco is the only alcohol I allow myself to drink before noon without feeling -and looking- like a hopeless drunk.]

Little did I know Europeans promised me not only a good dry bubbly, but an entire sensual -and sexual- experience: I got a bottle of Follador: ‘Wow,’ I thought. ‘That’s just awesome! To hell with my flight!’

Alas, it was all a big tease. I finished the damn thing and there were just bubbles, pero de follar, no hubo nada de nada.

So be careful, my friends. This prosecco is puras promesas.

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Mexicans: Making the Most out of Google Search


#AzTech #YearInReview2014

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No, Tuny, This Ad Doesn’t Make me Crave your Tuna Fish


I am sure Tuny tuna fish is as delicious as a canned tuna product can be. But I’m not sure this ad will make people rush buy their product.

It might be just me, but a chile poblano stuffed with aluminum is not really my thing.


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Chicago Market Wants you to Know These Chips are ‘Hispanic’

Pyramid... the word 'Hispanic'... burros (donkeys). How can you go wrong?

A Pyramid, the word ‘Hispanic’, a caricature of a burro (donkey) on the bag…                                 How can you go wrong?

Marianos Market in Chicago seems to be aware of all the faux “Hispanic food” flooding the market these days, so it’s going the extra mile, labelling things properly, so customers can tell the difference between make-believe “Mexican food” and genuine Chichen Itzá-labelled, donkey-inspired corn chips.

¡Bravo! This blogger appreciates the effort. Really.

Photo: DonMarquito


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Weird, Bilingual New York: I Love you all the Same

Photo: Laura Martínez, Union Square, December 2014.

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