Disneyland: Now Peddling Elotes, Because Hispanic Marketing

What's up with this, Disneyland?

What’s up with this, Disneyland?

I might be Mexican, but when I think of the magical kingdom of Disneyland, the last thing that comes to mind is a “street style” elote con chile *and* a colorful piñata/sarape background.

How’s that for cultural appropriation?

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The Clinton Campaign Finds Inspiration in Speedy González

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America Seems Determined to Have me Self-Deport


Really, Whole Foods? Kaleamole? You have got to be kidding me.

Where’s the Mexican-jumping-out-window emoji when you need it?

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Tired of ‘Regular Thanksgiving?’ Make it a Latino Thanksgiving

Photo: Saveur

Photo: Saveur

Let’s be honest: Just as any other holiday, Thanksgiving has become mostly another good reason to eat and drink in excess (at least in my case.)

But if a 3 pm “dinner” of turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce seems a little boring to you, you can always throw a “Latino Thanksgiving,” which basically means a three-day smörgåsbord of lechón, tamales, arroz, frijoles, elotetostones, tequila, poker games — and plenty of dancing and family drama.

If any of the above sounds exciting enough, you are in luck. Here are eight simple steps to turn a regular Thanksgiving into a Latino one:

  1. Turkey? Who eats turkey? Run to your closest bodega and pick the biggest lechón available. Roast and stuff an apple on its mouth while you’re at it.
  2. Cranberry sauce? We don’t even know what that is. Get a mojo going or start a guajillo marinade for said lechón
  3. Start with plenty of tamales and make sure to serve rice, beans, gandules, tostones and/or plantains on the side.
  4. Pumpkin? Who eats pumpkin? Really. Pumpkin is only good when you use its flowers to make one of these.
  5. Start serving dinner at 10 pm, because, really, who has dinner at 3 pm?
  6. Once the meal is over, and liters of alcohol have been consumed, be ready for your mothertía or abuela to start crying inconsolably over you not visiting more often, etc.
  7. No football. Who watches football? It’s not like it’s fútbol… Take out the baraja, the poker chips and open up the wallet.
  8. Turn up the music and dance like maniacs all night long. And do not worry about thy neighbor. Thy neighbor should be thankful to have a Latino family around. After all, what is Thanksgiving if not an opportunity to say gracias?

A Spanish-language version of this blog post first appeared on Univision.com

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Syrian Refugee Crisis: Whatever Happened to the Old Political Debate about Rejecting Mexicans Instead?


Being Mexican, and having lived in several countries, I’ve seen my share of political idiocy and horrors. But as it turns out, nothing had prepared me for the current “debate” taking place right now in my now adopted country about whether to restrict — or altogether block — the entry of Syrian refugees.

I mean, seriously: Are you guys for real? Have you not been following any of this?

Of course I was not going to use this blog to vent my fury share my thoughts about the Syrian refugee crisis. I was just planning on burying my head in the sand and cry in desperation.

Fortunately for this blogger, Stephen Colbert came and put it in a way that at least made me smile a little — yeah, only a little.

The question of whether to let Syrian refugees into this country has become the new political issue; completely overshadowing the old political issue: Whether to let Mexicans into this country.


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Are You Guys Ready for Creme-Filled OREO Churros? I’m NOT


And just when I thought marketers had ran out of ridiculous, Hispanic-themed “foodstuffs,” corporate America is proud to introduce the Creme-filled OREO Churros, which according to a very detailed and unnecessary long press release, have “a crispy exterior, warm soft interior and real OREO cookie pieces in every bite.”

The “innovative snack” (LOL) will be sold nationwide starting immediately.

I cannot wait to… pass on these things.

Via: The Flama

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Fox News Totally Loves Muslims — as long as they Come Wrapped in the U.S. Flag


Kind of reminds me of this thing.

Big #LOL

Via: The Hill

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