Legally tacky

Greenberg & Stein, a New York City-based firm specializing in injury law, greets visitors to its Web site with a very serious and professional look: a sober blue and white home page features the Manhattan skyline in the background and the usual navigation tools to move around the page (Home, About Us, Contact, FAQ, etc.) The information offered is pretty straight forward. Not bad for a firm promising clients a top of the line service and professional legal advice.

But when it comes to the firm’s Hispanic marketing, these guys loosen up like there’s no tomorrow! Greenberg & Stein are the same lawyers behind 1-888-Luchadores, a firm promising Latinos the best defense against “mean” landlords and sneaky insurance companies. And their Web page, is plain hilarious.

Not only the text in Spanish is a calamity (Wrongful death becomes “muerte injusta” and Click here is translated as “chasquea abajo”) but as soon as you sign in, you are greeted by a 30-second video featuring a boxing match between a sick old woman on a wheelchair and two very mean-looking guys: her insurance agent and her “casero malo” (mean landlord).

It’s not very often that we get to laugh at lawyers, so check out these guys Spanish-language site. You’ll have a blast!

Where do this people get their marketing advice?

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