Santo! Santo!

Move over Speedy Gonzalez. The Cartoon Network is hoping to boost audiences by bringing to life a favorite Mexican icon: wrestling legend El Santo (aka El Enmascarado de Plata or the Man in the Silver Mask)

Produced by Cartoon Network and created by the son of Santo, the series is yet to be titled but according to Turner Broadcasting, it will feature El Santo as he battles all sorts of evil in his native Mexico.

I cannot wait to see if the new animated Santo will keep his kitsch-like image and golden touch with the ladies (who were always wearing mini-skirts for some reason). Maybe not. After all this is Cartoon Network we’re talking about, and politically-correctness seems to go hand in hand with the image of today’s heroes.

Let’s just hope that el nuevo Santo, who became famous for fighting vampires, Martians, snakes and other mean creatures, will not end up fighting pollution or corruption. That would be a real turn off.

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