Chicken wings

All of us tired of seeing everything Made in China lately, should get some consolation in the fact that, soon, the Chinese will start complaining about Latin Americans getting in the way of their culinary tradition.

Barely two weeks after El Fogoncito announced the opening of a taqueria in China, Pollo Campero, the ubiquitous fast-food chain, which originated 35 years ago in Guatemala City, opened its first family restaurant in Jakarta, the first of several outlets it plans to open in Indonesia. But Campero’s Asian ambitions do not stay there. During the ribbon-cutting ceremony in Jakarta’s Sarinah business district, the company said the second opening in Asia is scheduled for May of this year in Shanghai, China. The company’s president Juan Jose Gutierrez is ambitious: he expects Campero to open 500 restaurants in the next five years in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan.

Granted, El Fogoncito might have something to teach the Chinese in terms of making real tacos al pastor, but pollo? That might be a tough one. We can only wait and see how Campero, which claims to not serve fast-food, but “excellent food served extremely fast,” pulls its strings to win over the hearts –and stomachs- of the Chinese.

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