Move over, abuelita

It’s good to see marketers are finally moving away from abuelitas, piñatas and moustaches. Now, it seems, the buzz word is: wrestling, or rather Lucha Libre.

While the Cartoon Network is getting ready to launch an animation series featuring Mexican legend El Santo (or the Man in the Silver Mask), Coca-Cola expects to win over the hearts (and wallets) of Latino men by resurrecting Blue Demon, another classic who became famous for fighting vampires, snakes and aliens. In its most recent marketing pitch, Coca-Cola has launched Full Throttle, Blue Demon, a blue agave flavored drink that provides “energy for the everyday fight.” (yeah, whatever!)


Not to be outdone, AT&T Inc. recently announced that it signed an exclusive agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., and the pair will be launching a number of wireless related services that will bring popular luchadores, including El Hijo del Santo, to users of AT&T mobile services. What is it with the luchadores that have captured the imagination of the ever-creative Hispanic marketers?

I wonder if somebody is already rushing to secure the Mil Máscaras franchise. Anybody?

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