Not that kind of Mexican

I am officially depressed. It turns out marketing research firms do not want anything to do with me. Imagine how happy I was this morning when my friend Mercedes forwarded me the following posting from Craigslist:

Needed Mexican women for focus group, pay $50

We need MEXICAN WOMEN for a market study ( to give their opinion on a TV commercial)

They must be between the ages of 31 and 50 years old.

Location: Madison Ave

Pay is: $50


Mind you: it’s not only the 50 bucks that caught my attention: I was perfect for the “gig”. I am a Mexican who speaks Spanish (duh!) still between the ages of 31 and 50 and, most importantly, I live only one block away from Madison Avenue! … So I immediately contacted them showing my utmost interest in taking part in such an important research.

Oh! but then came the pre-screening process, a 10-minute phone interview, in Spanish, which I failed miserably.

It went sort of like this:

–Which brand of facial cream do you use at night?
–None, really. I’m sorry.
–OK. Which is your cellphone provider?
–Verizon Wireless
–Oh. OK. What about education? did you finish elementary school?
–I have a BA in Journalism so I guess you can say I did…
–Oh… are you married?
–I’m divorced.
–I’m sorry chica, you just don’t qualify for our test but we’ll keep you posted on our upcoming focus groups.

I wonder if a marketer out there is looking to test products or services among educated Mexican women who happen to have a Verizon Wireless and a former husband. If so, please count me in. I can use the $50.

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4 thoughts on “Not that kind of Mexican

  1. Que horror. Pero esto tiene soluciones.
    1) Hay que ver muchas novelas.
    2) Comprate un par de cremas, mientras más económicas mejor.
    3) La proxima vez que te pregunten hasta que año fuiste a la escuela, di que 15 años pero que despues de la primaria el resto los pasaste limpiando las aulas.

    asunto resuelto…. 50 bucks in you pocket

  2. Que interesante… what’s more interesting is that they are trying to recruit Spanish-speakers using Craig’s list ads IN ENGLISH? That makes no sense.

  3. Hola! Estamos armando un nuevo diario en ingles para los extranjeros que viven en México. ¿Te interesaría? Me mandas un CV actualizado, con info de contacto y demás? Sigues viviendo en NY? Las oficinas estarían en el DF pero siempre podremos encontrar esquemas para colaborar. Porfavor escríbeme al mail que he dejado. Gracias!

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