Spring-break in Cuba: $65,000 per student

You gotta love U.S. foreign policy: while government officials on “business missions” are allowed to travel to Cuba without being reprimended for violating the embargo, a group of high-school students in Manhattan face a fine of $65,000 (each) for taking a spring-break field trip to the “evil” island.

According to a story on today’s New York Post , History professor Nathan Turner, of Manhattan’s Beacon School, has a soft spot for Cuba, which helps explain why he decided to take a dozen students to one more of his “extravagant overseas trips.” (Among the teacher’s other “extravagant” destinations: Mexico, France and Venezuela. Oh dear!)

The 35-year-old teacher -whose future in education looks as bright as that of Don Imus in the media- is now under investigation and has refused to speak to the press (Smart move: if you are a History teacher with a penchant for communist countries, you should not be speaking to The Post).

Turner has a lot of explaining to do: In addition to his destination faux pas, students say his classroom walls are adorned with posters of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Ay Dios! we can only hope he doesn’t end up in Guantanamo any time soon.

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