Here we go: Now it’s ‘Cinco de Mayo Barbie’


I was really hoping to ignore the “holiday” altogether, but a recent announcement by Mattel was just too good to be true.

Turns out that this year the giant toy maker is launching a new -revised- version of a Cinco de Mayo Barbie. Yep, she’s cute, she looks very “Mexican” and she surely looks proud to have won over the French in some obscure battle in Puebla. (I guess she could very well compete for the popular Nuestra Belleza Latina crown).

What’s interesting though is that — at least according to a story in the San Antonio Express News — in human form, these Barbies would be 7 feet tall, have a bust size of 44 inches, a 17-inch waist and hips that lie at 40 inches.

Meanwhile, Latinas, who come in all colors, sizes and shapes, are more likely to fall in the “average category” as reported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which is 5-foot-3 and 152 pounds, according to the article.

Oh well, flat-chested, short (rather vertically-challenged) Latinas can have a few moments of happiness for only $19.95 a piece.

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6 thoughts on “Here we go: Now it’s ‘Cinco de Mayo Barbie’

  1. The cheese factor of this Barbie edition is high. Not only to I believe that it’s out of touch with modern times, 5 de mayo is not even a real holiday to most Mexicans. It really is another excuse to drink too much and run around like fools with a “theme”…like Fat Tuesday and St Patty’s Day. In fact, many people don’t remember the Spanish, let alone the French. And at $19.95, wait to buy it…it will be $5 at Big Lots next month.

    I love the real life comparison you made…there are little latina girls putting their fingers down their throats as we speak. I can hear it now “Mami, no more dulce de leche, I want to look like my 5 de mayo Barbie.”

    1. there is nothing real about the comparison that was made, but its normal and usual from people that cant appriat true beauty ..

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