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You might think whatever you want of Univision, but one thing is indisputable: It has perfected the art of marketing itself.

Univision Communications is one of the nation’s largest buyers of Spanish-language media, promoting its properties on TV, radio and the Internet. And now it has invited users to be the unwilling promoters of its programming.

In a recent effort to join the trend of User Generated Content, Univision has launched “Yo Amo a Univision,” a self-promoting contest that invites viewers to create and send a 1-minute video explaining why they love Univision.

A few chosen ones have seen their creations aired lately during popular shows such as El Gordo y la Flaca and Primer Impacto, quickly becoming part of the network’s powerful marketing machine.

In one recent video, a guy with an obvious Mexican accent appears bubbly and happy on camera saying “…Hijo’ela! amo Univision porque tiene programas bien chidos,” closing with a heart-wrenching, Mariachi-style declaration of true love: “Ojala no me lo quiten, porque me voy a poner a llorar.” (I hope they don’t take it [Univision] away from me, because I will burst into tears.”

Cheesy? sure. And wickedly brilliant.

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