P&G’s latest finding: Latinos love to smell


You may not know this, but we Hispanics are “avid scent seekers.”

That is according to Procter & Gamble, which worked closely with “smell expert” Dr. Alan Hirsch in determining the impact of scents in Latinos’ moods. The result of such exhaustive research is a partnership with Target stores, announced this week, to “Inspire the living environments of Hispanic consumers with scent tips”

I’m not sure exactly what that means but it smells like a plot to push Tide, Febreze, Bounce, Cascade and Downy among “my people.” Funnily enough, after reading the release to my mom (the ultimate Latino housewife) she emphatically said “That’s not true!… I use Clorox all the time, y huele a rayos!”

Procter & Gamble’s “insight” reminded me of that of Coor’s, which recently found out we Latinos are particularly sensitive to “cold” when it comes to drinking beer (“Latinos like it cold”). Or WebMama.com Inc., the search engine marketing company that recently stumbled upon another unprecedented finding: “Hispanics in the U.S. are more comfortable with technology than the general population.”

(Why on earth didn’t I get into marketing? sounds like easy, fun, full of B.S. and certainly better paid than journalism!)

9 thoughts on “P&G’s latest finding: Latinos love to smell

  1. A cousin of mine used to work for a scent manufacturer in Mexico City as part of their marketing team. She mentioned that in Mexico, housewives tend to associate cleanliness with a strong perfume smell, and she mentioned Fabuloso (a cleaning product that comes in very bright colors and is way too smelly) as an example. I don’t know if Suavitel counts, but that has a very strong smell too. Eh…

  2. And not only scent. Some automakers have launched “Latino” colors too… guess which is the Latino color of choice? Red, what else! I guess marketers always think of bullfights when thinking of Latinos … But I hope they don´t get inspired by the matadors for fashion too, as we machos would be forced to wear “stretchy pants” all the time …

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