Green With Envy, I Decided to Design my Own Latina-Themed T-Shirts

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I guess I am late to the proud-Latina-party, because apparently even the New York Times caught the fever of the “I am a Wise Latina Too T-shirt” movement.

But, as they say, it is better late than never. So I’ve set out to design my own Latino-themed T-shirts, which might not be as popular -or cute- as the other ones but they certainly describe the sorry status of this unreasonable Latina blogger.

(In the meantime, and while I wait for universal healthcare, I’ll cross my fingers hoping one day to be eligible for a Zumba-Medicare extravaganza.)

41 thoughts on “Green With Envy, I Decided to Design my Own Latina-Themed T-Shirts

  1. Hey!

    I didn’t even know there were newspapers in Spanish in US! What an awesome discovery…

    It is better late than never right??

    I like the T-shirt theme you got there…

    Saludos desde Perú!

  2. Do you print these? Why not invest in a graphic designer to beef it up a bit? One saying “I’m Latina, I’m proud of it! Aren’t you?” In big red capital letters would sell on Broadway, no problem… By the way, what do you order in an all night cafe on Upper Broadway at three o-clock in the morning…American or Hispanic coffee…? I’ve always wanted to know…

  3. Thank you Fe-Lady for reading -and commenting. Did you know there are 47 million uninsured people in this country? and they are ALL (YES, ALL) legal residents of the U.S.

    [Illegals -unfortunately- are not counted] Time to educate ourselves a little!


  4. I don’t see why we should have to pay for your insurance. Get a job! If it’s that your job does not provide insurance, get a different one.

    “While I wait”, pretty sad. Get up and do something about it, on your own. The government and the tax payers should not have to take care of you.

  5. Does anybody know how to read???? I suggesto RWP and LH go back to elementary school to learn how to read… Or how else can you miss the part where the blogger says there are 47 million people in the US (LEGAL RESIDENTS!!! U.S.A. NATIONALS!!!)without insurance???

  6. 47 million uninsured is a bogus number… its less than half of that and a huge portion are illegal. go back to where you came from.

  7. I am a latina as well and I DO NOT expect the government to pay for my healthcare!

    How pathetic is it to wait around for “someone else” to take care of your health care?

    Sin verguenza! (no shame) I am bilingual as well! –but not as ignorant!

    You give the rest of us latina’s a bad name!

    Oh and educate YOURSELF before you come up with false leftist propaganda statistics.

  8. I cannot believe what I am reading. There is no such thing as the category of illegal and medically insured. The 47 millions of uninsured America are either national or legal immigrants.

    to rwp, Lh, Livinghemax…and fe-lady: what defines nations from barbary are precisely these socialized public goods that everybody agrees to contribute to: justice, safety, schools and soon I hope, health care. I for myself would be happy to contribute for the healthcare of retarded right wingers like you.

    Pierre Lacour

  9. Working full-time. Here legally. Shitty-to-non insurance. Many friends, black, white and in between, and all of them mostly human, living on this side of the border in exactly the same situation. What THE FUCK are fe-lady, rwp, LH, Ken Moon and livingthemaxdream talking about? Do we even live in the same country? But most importantly: This is an IRONIC t-shirt featured in an IRONIC blog. You know? kind of funny and smart… You’d understand that, wouldn’t you?

  10. I am Australian, we have a National Health care system plus a Private Health care system.

    Everybody who works and pays tax contributes to the National system. Anyone who needs health care gets it for no cost if required, including any illegal immigrants, which includes Americans who have over stayed their visas. About 30,000 every year.

    Regardless of your financial circumstances you should be able to get quality medical help when you need it. This is a sign of a civilised country, that they look after those who are unable to look after themselves. Desperate people do desperate things.

    I admire the USA for many things but they way the country as a whole treats those who are less fortunate is just appalling. It’s worse than many third world countries.

    How much greater could the USA be if those in power showed a bit more compassion for others?

  11. I for once cannot believe this page, I thought I was going to come in to this site and read nice things, but all I read in here is racism, I hate that.
    This whole country is MESSED up, why when a latina decides to do something like this on the internet, everybody decides to go all racial…?
    But when some white guy/girl puts that they want to sell their dirty underwear, people bid on it. I just dont get it.
    And for the record I was metaphorically speaking, I know someone wont sell their dirty underwear on the internet, for any smart asses that decide to write something about my comment!

  12. And good for you and you’r t-shirt idea latinbeauty, I myself am looking to do something similiar with myself. Trying something new is never a bad thing.

  13. Just a thought (about something NOT related to racism or insurance): why do latinamerican people living in the US call themselves “latin”? That’s a Language. Besides, in Spanish, “latino” means “romano”, as in The Roman Empire. I get the link (Spanish, French, Italian and the rest of las lenguas romances -don’t know the English word for them- come from Latin), but the meaning is totally different. I’m chilean, I live in Chile (a “third world” country, by the way), and I don’t understand some phrases or words used by “latino-US-immigrants”. It seems that Spanish spoken by them has become a linguistic variation on its own. Interesting.
    By the way: funny blog. Are you really printing the t-shirts?

    1. The etymology of the term Latin America comes from some French guys, who did it to separate the (Spanish-Portuguese-French America) to the Anglosaxon America. Now it has a different meaning, and it’s cool with me. ¡Adelante hispanohablante!

    2. We call ourselves Latins, Hispanics and, in my case, I call myself Marcelo. African Americans, who are as Americans as anyone call themselves African Americans to make sure people like you get the point that they are culturally different than, say, a Mormon growing up in Utah.

      A truism, but true, nevertheless, is that hardly anyone wants to be “del monton”. In case you haven’t noticed, US accents play the same role, and the WASP educated in Yale will differentiate himself with a different accent than, say, the Italian immigrant working in Hoboken.

      Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans… they all have all sorts of subtle and not-so-subtle way of reminding everyone that, they too, are immigrants.

      The idea of the melting pot died in the 60’s; it is a real salad bowl.

      And by the way, Latino doesn’t mean Romano; Romano means Romano; Latino has its origins in the Lazio river in Italy, but it doesn’t mean “Romano” at all

  14. Nice blog Laura–cute title!

    I have a few words! OMG! Seriously? Do you guys ACTUALLY believe that ObamaCare is going to be a GOOD thing? Have you even read the bill? I did, it took me a few HOURS, but instead of sitting my cute latina butt on the couch, I did some reading!

    Pierre– the 47 million is incorrect.

    The people WITHOUT health insurance is much lower and in fact, the REAL numbers show that 86% of Americans are satisfied with their current health care and according to Rasmussen, a majority of Americans now oppose ObamaCare and the number is rapidly climbing.

    And who are you calling right-wingers, Pierre? I don’t want you or anyone to pay for my health care. And I don’t want the government to tell me what health services I can and can’t get. And I sure as hell don’t want them to takeover another 15% of the economy like they have taken over the automobile and banking industries.

    Mariana– You are working full-time and don’t like your health insurance situation? OK, but how is the government stepping in and taking control going to fix that?

    I feel you, Mariana, te entiendo, I am a single mother of three children. It is tough for me, but universal health care is NOT the solution, ask the Canadians who come to our country to get the medical care they are denied in their “universal health care” system.

    I agree our system needs fixing, but socialized medicine will be a disaster. Please. read what the bill entails.

    Brent– America IS civilized, and last time I checked I haven’t heard immigrants saying, “If only I could get into Australia!”

    America is full of compassionate people and I don’t see people dying on the street from lack of medical care, in fact, the problems caused by insurance RIGHT NOW is from TOO MUCH govt bureacracy and too many regulations, etc. And now some people think the govt is going to magically fix everything when they take over the whole thing! Yeah, that makes sense! Wake up!

    We need the government to get out of the way not takeover!

    Jesus–blogs are great because they open the dialogue and I don’t see any racism going on and believe me, being a latin-american female, I have seen my share of racism. But so what? That’s their problem.

    I think the issue here is people do not want the health care takeover of an inefficient and corrupt government. And why do you have to cuss at Ken Moon, he has a right to his opinion just like you do. Don’t YOU be a hater.

    Please research what the health care system is really about. My grandparents are older and immigrants and they will be denied services under ObamaCare. (After -why should the government pay for their medical care when they are old and now considered a “burden” to society.) And, they will have to meet with a government official to discuss their end of life plans. Huh? That is their business to be discussed with their loved ones and NOT the government. (Again– actually READ the bill –it is right there in black and white)

    DO a little research and you will learn that there is a lot of scary wording in the 100 page bill that Obama himself has not read.

    Why do you think the AARP is NOT behind the Obama plan even though Obama brags that they are. Obama lied — again!

    Tom Nelson, AARP’s chief operating officer, said, “Indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate.”

    I also don’t agree with MANDATORY vaccinations for my young children (and if you read the bill forced vaccines are there)

    And if I choose not to get the ObamaPlan I will be charged an additional 2.5% IN TAXES. Yeah that’s fair!

    And another thing, I find it quite interesting that Obama is so set on shoving this down our throats and yet, he himself along with Congress and their families are EXEMPT from this ObamaCare nightmare. Why is that?
    If your plan is so great Obama why don’t you A) read it and B) get it for your own wife and little girls

    Let’s REALLY educate ourselves and stop living in the dream world that Obama and the government are going to take care of us. We gotta take care of ourselves and each other.

  15. I find the “I don’t want to pay for your health care” argument interesting. Isn’t the idea of health insurance that the healthy pay for the sick? I know that the decades of health insurance premiums I (and my employers for me) have paid do not nearly add up to the cost of my health care over those decades.

    I’m lucky to be incredibly healthy and incredibly cheap for the insurance companies. This did not stop my premiums from being raised out my affordable range for my 40th birthday. I have had other problems with health insurance – about premiums not claims – that have shown me that the insurance companies do not care about my business much less my health care.

    The difference between my paying for others’ health care through the insurance companies and my paying for others’ health care through the government is that most insurance companies’ number one objective is, very openly, profits and the government’s number one objective will be our health.

    I can understand not trusting government to care for our health. But I trust the government more than the for-profit health insurance companies. The governments of other countries do manage to prioritize health. And in my experience this is partly because the people of those countries insist that they do. My healthy French friends are very proud of their country’s health care system and the spirit with which it exists.

  16. Peggy, I can see why you say you trust the government more than the health insurance companies, but perhaps that “trust” is misplaced.

    More than half the population now fear government health care more than they do the insurance companies.

    It has been thought that public hatred of insurance companies is the main source of support for increased government involvement in health care. But now people seem to be realizing that the real reason to hate the insurance companies is because of . . .

    The United States of Corporate Welfare

    Big health care interests have used the coercive power of government to erect thickets of Corporate Welfare Regulation, to reward themselves, punish their competitors, and harm consumers.

    Cato Institute scholar Michael Tanner provides startling examples of how these regulations have strangled competition between health insurance companies, allowing 30% of the market to be controlled by just 1 company in 299 out of 313 of the largest metro areas.

    So the problem isn’t that insurance companies charge too much and pay out too little under free market conditions. Indeed, the profit margins of the health insurance industry rank only 86th among American industries!

    Instead, the problem is that government regulations retard competition and consumer choice, leading to inefficient service and false prices.

    We don’t need a 2,000-page bill that re-engineers our entire health care system. Instead, the first thing we need is a 1-page bill that restores competition between insurance companies by allowing you to sidestep the corporate welfare regulations erected by state-governments.

    This is something the federal government can do using its Constitutional authority under the Commerce Clause.

    1. Mari – Do you know why there are so few insurers operating in many areas? It is because of massive industry consolidation. 10-15 years ago there were lots of local and regional insurers who competed against the big national insurers like Aetna, UnitedHealth, Cigna and Wellpoint. However, the big nationals have gobbled up the local insurers so in many markets they in effect have oligopoly power to control pricing.

      At the beginning of this decade in the NYC area, there were 8 insurers competing against each other including Aetna, UnitedHealth, Cigna, Oxford Insurance, Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Vytra, HIP Health Plan, GHI and Horizon New York.

      Today you have 5 insurers Aetna, Oxford (owned by United), Empire Blue Cross (owned by Wellpoint), Cigna and EmblemHealth (merger of HIP, GHI and Vytra).

      Mr. Tanner has indeed identified a major problem which is lack of competition. However, how does he propose reversing the industry consolidation which has created the issue in the first place?

  17. The question has only remotely something to do with competition. The American Medical Association lobbies for high medical fees – obscenely high compared to any other developed country-; the pharmaceutical industry wants to keep charging whatever they want for medicine, and the health insurance companies take a juicy cut insuring people who have access to insurance, vindicating the spiraling medical costs.
    Outcome: 47 millions uninsured – none illegal (Census data), poor medical services for the insured, pathetic US life expectancy for both men and women compared to any developed country.
    Solution: to insure everybody which the market cannot do, the government has to step in so that premiums go down and prices too. If I have the choice between a public insurance such a Medicare and a private insurance, I choose Medicare anytime. You will be free to keep paying for your private insurance company if you will.

  18. Mari – I work in health care and since you keep telling us to read the bill which version have you read since there are currently 4 versions in Congress? The one passed by the House Ways and Means Committee, the House Education and Labor Committee, the House Energy and Commerce Committee or the one passed by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. For those who would actually like to read the bills, I have posted links at the bottom of my comment.

    With regards to the 47 million uninsured people in the US, that number comes from the US Census Bureau. It is a real number and since you can’t come up with an alternative one I suspect you already know this.

    Also, please stop with the misinformation that any of the bills currently being considered in Congress would REQUIRE anyone to get counseling on end of life care. The provisions which is being referred to by Sarah Palin, Betsy McCaughey, Rush Limbaugh et al was offered by Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) and all it does is allow people to be reimbured by Medicare if they CHOOSE to go to a doctor and discuss end of life care. It is not compulsory. In fact, Senator Isakson called this distortion “nuts” in a recent interview. (Here is the link –

    The health insurance reform bills being considered in Congress have some extremely important provisions including:

    Eliminating pre-existing conditions which many insurance companies use to prevent covering needed care.

    Ensuring you can’t be turned down for insurance if you are already sick or have a chronic condition such as diabetes.

    Ensuring that health insurers can’t drop coverage because you have become sick.

    Ensuring that consumers have proper recourse should they be denied care.

    Providing a minimum benefits package so that people don’t pay thousands of dollars a year in premium only to find they have a coverage cap which won’t pay for their illness.

    Expanding coverage so that the 47 million people who do not have insurance today can get insurance.

    There are controversial parts of the bill and we should discuss them in a civil and informed manner. However, please stop spouting talking points which are not based in fact.

    Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee Bill –

    House Ways and Means Committee Bill –

    House Education and Labor Committee Bill –

    House Energy and Commerce Committee Bill -

  19. I am so glad I saw this on NY1 en Espanol’s Pura Politica!

    Laura, thank you for the t-shirt post. While it has incited fury by opponents of healthcare reform, it has gained attention and provoked people like me to visit your blog to see what this is all about.

    The inflammatory comments about healthcare reform have been a blessing in disguise because they’ve encouraged people like myself, who are in the healthcare business, an opportunity to engage and offer some “facts” in response to the misinformation and right wing rhetoric.

    First of all, I’m amazed that while most agree that our healthcare system needs repair, none of the opponents of healthcare reform offer any constructive criticism or positive alternatives. Instead, in Mari’s case, they tell you to read the bill and offer a link to a right wing conservative blog which, by the way, doesn’t offer the bill but rather talking points about the bill. The blog, fyi, is authored by someone frustrated by the outcome of the Presidential election. Sounds like this fury is mostly about Obama, not healthcare reform.

    Incidentally, here is the Congressional link to the healthcare reform bill currently in circulation:

    Click to access aahca.pdf

    Mari’s thick paragraph referring to her grandparents and end-of-life discussions sounds very typical of the “death panels” right wing leaders have been grasping onto this past week to incite fear and anger. So educating people about advanced directives are a bad thing? Many people don’t even know what these are. Here’s a link to a recent ABC news segment that “fact-checks” the claims on end-of-life:

    Mari, are your kids in public or private school? If they are in public, why don’t you object to that type of government funding? Or are they in private and you do in fact object to public education? Public education is considered a basic human right. Why shouldn’t healthcare?

    And Mari, your comment about government regulation “retarding competition and consumer choice” and reference to the Cato institute (a right wing think tank) are ironic considering the lack of regulations under the Bush administration has gotten this country into the credit crisis and economic pitfall we’re desperately trying to climb out of.

    Mari, while your long posts give the impression of someone who’s knowledgeable, it seems you are simply reiterating right wing propaganda based on your sources of information. Do you actually “read” anything objective to educate yourself?

    1. Don’t look now Susan but your post was pretty “thick”, some of us, though just like to say your post is long and booooring!

      I saw your sources and website and I for one am NOT shocked at the extent you will go to support socialized medicine.
      (so much for “objectivity”, huh, Susan?!)

      Thankfully, though, the number of americans actually supporting ObamaCare is dwindling fast.

      The blog you mention is less about disgust in Obama and more about seeking the truth, (even the intro title says nothing about Obama but in the frustrations of half truths) had YOU actually taken the time to read you would find some very telling comments about Bush! (So much for right wing propaganda!)

      There are several doctors who agree with the “death panels” as you call them. Here is one well-respected opthamalogist warning on just that among other things: Unless you are a doctor, which clearly you are not, I doubt you can provide anything of substance other than the link you provide a tv station blog! (Now, I am convinced since we ALL know how HONEST and unbiased the media is!)

      No doubt, Bush made some serious mistakes when he was in Congress (so much for insinuating labels –so silly–such as “right winger”, Susan) –But I have yet to see Obama offer any real solutions. The government controlling EVERYTHING seems to be his only answer, after all, why should we think for ourselves when Obama can do it for us. Funny, even Hollywood (near my home and vocal supporters of Obama) are beginning to speak out AGAINST Obama:

      Well, if the government controlled healthcare system is going to look anything like our failing public school system (nationwide) then we are all in for some serious trouble.

      I am just happy I have UPS and FedEX to deliver my packages or nothing would ever arrive on time from the government controlled USPS.

      I also have worked for the government myself and that is not a blog post but a whole couple of blogs in government waste, inefficiency, and corruption. It is almost a joke. almost.

      The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.

      Only an uneducated person or someone very biased can actually say out loud without laughing that somehow though the government has proven how poorly it “runs” all the other things it has touched that somehow, someway, magically, it is going to get it right with our health!

      I am off to read something “objective” in the REAL world Susan! You can go tap your toes together and go fly a kite!

  20. John M: Good point! Mr. Tanner does have some interesting ideas to reverse industry consolidation and increase healthy (pun intended) competition amongst the healthcare industry.

    For example: “To truly create more choice and competition, Obama should tear down the regulatory barriers to choice by letting people buy insurance from states other than the one in which they live.

    Though few realize it, it’s illegal to purchase health insurance across state lines. This effectively creates insurance cartels in each state.

    Tear down this barrier to interstate commerce, and you’d instantly increase competition. If someone in New York or New Jersey is unhappy with the insurance choices available in that state, he or she could buy a policy in Vermont, Pennsylvania or Delaware. For that matter, he or she could go online and purchase a policy anywhere in the country.”

    I am currently reading the book that Mr Tanner along with Mr. Cannon wrote entitled: Healthy Competition, Second Edition: What’s Holding Back Health Care and How to Free It,

    Pierre: You really love that “47 million” number don’t you?

    It is a myth that 47 million Americans can’t get health insurance! The Employees Policies Institute has published a report that shows that of this 47 million:

    18 million who can afford medical insurance but don’t want it.

    8.4 million between the ages of 18 and 25 who think they are invulnerable.

    8 million children who qualify for coverage under some program but haven’t been signed up.

    3.5 million adults who qualify for a government program but who have not signed up.

    12.6 million illegal aliens who are not supposed to be here.

    9.4 million who are in between jobs and only temporarily uninsured.

    This report clearly shows that there is really no health care insurance crisis! Yet, Congress is being rushed to pass legislation based on false information!–Shocker there!

  21. How many rednecks change a bed-pan..0. How many “illegals” changing bed-pans, bed sheets in the medical industry??

  22. I love this Thatcher quote:

    “I think we’ve been through a period where too many people have been given to understand that if they have a problem, it’s the government’s job to cope with it. ‘I have a problem, I’ll get a grant.’ ‘I’m homeless, the government must house me.’ They’re casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first. It’s our duty to look after ourselves and then, also to look after our neighbour. People have got the entitlements too much in mind, without the obligations. There’s no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation.”

    Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, talking to Women’s Own magazine, October 31 1987

    Liberals, comservatives, dems, repubs, –whatever labels you want to use, people from all walks of life are seeing the healthcare reform for what it is (including San Francisco “liberals”):

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