Good Lord! Bush wishes Castro dead

Wishing somebody’s death is not a very Christian thing. Yet, Mr. Bush invoked the Lord himself to express what he really feels about Fidel Castro.”One day the good Lord will take Fidel Castro away,” the president said this week during a speech at the Naval War College in Rhode Island.

And, of course, the White House spokespeople had to come out to try to fix the “misunderstanding” (if any). Asked whether Bush was wishing Castro dead, White House National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe was quoted in the press saying: “The president was commenting on an inevitable event.”

As for Castro himself … well, he responded with humor, and also pointing at the grace of God.

“Now I understand why I survived Bush’s plans and those of presidents who ordered my assassination,” he joked in an essay distributed to international media in Havana. “The good Lord protected me,” he said, echoing Bush’s words on his eventual demise.

Good lord!

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