Arizona immigrants snub the Super Bowl

It’s only 198 days until AZ Super Bowl XLII, so if you are already working on your travel arrangements to visit the Grand Canyon State, be prepared to make your bed at the hotel and clean your table at the restaurant: A group of Arizona Hispanic immigrants is planning a major worker walkout and a complete financial boycott of Arizona businesses during the week of the 2008 NFL Super Bowl this February.The group, Inmigrantes sin fronteras, says the boycott is in response to the passage of anti-Hispanic legislation in Arizona by the Governor and Legislature of Arizona. This includes severe sanctions to local businesses found to hire undocumented workers.

The Super Bowl walkout is only one among other measures taken up by the organization, which is asking Arizona immigrants to abstain from practically buying anything. Claiming anti-immigrant legislators in the state are committing economic suicide, the organization is asking undocumented immigrants in Arizona (which number 500,000) not to spend any money except, of course, on essentials: tortillas, frijoles y arroz.

What about guacamole?

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3 thoughts on “Arizona immigrants snub the Super Bowl

  1. I first hear about this on Global Grind’s myspace blog ( I think we need to fight back against these RACIST laws that are being passed and that people are attempting to get passed. America is built on other people emigrating to this country, most of us or members of our families have ALL been immigrants at one point or another. I’m pretty positive the Governer and Legislature of Arizona, and even President Bush, do not directly descend from Native Americans and have been in this country since the beginning. check out my blog to read what I wrote on this topic (

  2. Hey DJ Gee, thats where I heard about this too! I’m glad they are standing up for themselves here, since Superbowl Weekend will be such a big weekend economically for the state of Arizona. check out my blog,

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