Macy’s apologizes for racist T-Shirt


Here’s a good one. Macy’s department this week said it will no longer sell a T-shirt that turned out to offend the same people it was intended to please: Latino shoppers.

Such offending T-shirt, which sold for $24.95, reads “Brown is the New White,” which was deemed just too much for Latinos to take. In a statement, the company did not mention such an item by its name but said “We apologize if customers have found some of the merchandise offensive and have removed the style that they found objectionable.”

Macy’s may have pulled the “objectionable” T-Shirt but the controversy goes on at a dedicated FoxNews blog with Latinos seriously divided over the issue: while some are calling on a general Macy’s boycott, others claim the T-Shirt is actually pretty cool (and don’t get them started on Black Power-labeled clothing.)

As for myself, I’m still stunned… $24.95 for a crummy Made-in-El Salvador T-Shirt? you gotta be kidding me!

4 thoughts on “Macy’s apologizes for racist T-Shirt

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