Calling on Hispanic UFO’s and weird things


I love my people! … And by that I mean:

a) bloggers and

b) Hispanics in the U.S. trying to make a difference

From the depths of the Bloggosphere comes Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, a daily report on UFOs and other weird stuff hailing from Spain and Latin America. The blog is the brainchild of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology, founded in 1998. The site boasts representatives and “contributing editors in over a dozen Spanish-speaking countries” who are on a daily mission to find weird stuff around.

Some recent headlines: Chupacabras Strikes Again in Reynosa; Argentina: Strange Creatures in San Luis; Spain: A Teleportation in Galicia?; Southern Chilean Lake Evaporated by UFO’s (and I’m trying to keep a straight face while I type these.)

I am sure weird stuff originating in Spain and Latin America is weirder than in the English-speaking world so I don’t know if the editors will be interested in a contributing writer in New York City. But hey! I just moved to Harlem, and the daily coexistence of Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and a recent wave of Mexicans is bringing some creepy stuff to the neighborhood: Baseball diamonds are mysteriously becoming soccer canchas, while bodegas are playing less and less merengue, stocking up on tortillas and even selling the latest single from Los Tigres del Norte.

I tell you, it might not be UFO’s but Oh God! there’s some weird stuff happening around here. Will Inexplicata be able to solve the mystery?

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