Here we go… Kmart stocks up on “ethnic” dolls


Now that minorities are the majority in lots of places and the U.S. Census keeps insisting Hispanic is a race, K-mart is hoping to undergo a multicultural make-over with a series of “ethnic-looking” dolls.

According to BusinessWeek, though black and Hispanic dolls have been around for a long time, the newer incarnations “try harder at authenticity, rather than simply tinting the hair and skin from “white” dolls.” (I wonder if this means they speak with an accent, eat funky food, and go out to protest against immigration laws.)

The new dolls, which will roll out in full next month, are supported by an advertising campaign in the store’s circulars and designed to appeal to black, Hispanic and Asian parents.

(In the photo: Amazing Allysen -Ethnic. $99.99, which according to the retailer’s Web site, can interact with girls through a system of voice recognition)

4 thoughts on “Here we go… Kmart stocks up on “ethnic” dolls

  1. Chica, the thing with “ethnic dolls” annoy the cr*p out of me. I also wonder what “try harder at authenticity” could mean.

    In fact, it seems like nobody outside Latin America has a clue about marketing for Latinos. And don’t make me start on “Hispanic/Latino race”. That’s one of the things that bother me the most, along with calling the US “America” and US citizens “Americans”, as if people from the rest of the Americas weren’t Americans as well.

    $99.99???? Por Dios. I guess harder authenticity is really expensive. Over here you can feed a family of four for about two weeks with that money. I could pay a month of water and electricity with that, and even keep some change.

  2. Oh no! they didn’t
    How much longer will we have to wait for these …Ss..ffllt to figure out Latinos are not to be stereotyped????

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