Who said Hispanics don’t like to read?


People who like to stereotype Latinos think we only watch telenovelas and crappy reality-show television, and that when it comes to literature, if its not People en Español or TV y Novelas, you can forget about us.

But now, for all of us who are into literature comes Thalia: Belleza! Lessons in Lipgloss and Happiness, a book presumably written by the former Timbiriche member and current wife of Tommy Mottola (does she have any other credentials?). Publishing house Chronicle Books said it will publish two editions, one in English and one in Spanish, and will support the launch with a major marketing campaign featuring the currently pregnant beauty.

The book’s beauty tips include how to make the most out of Latinas’ “natural skin condition” –whatever that means– and is coming soon to a bookstore near you for “only” $19.95.

I just hope Chronicle hired a good editor to work on Ms. Thalia’s writing. Last time I checked, he could not tell the difference between “prototype” and “logotype.”

5 thoughts on “Who said Hispanics don’t like to read?

  1. goddam! who would’ve thought it!! the secret of happiness has always been in front our noses!!! (below, actually)…

    now that is a woman that makes the rest of us feel shame of wearing lipgloss.

    like very much your blog. I heard about it in a radio broadcast in mexico city (qué chistoso) saludos

  2. You think this is an issue? Wait until you see all the publications coming out on quinceaneras. What I want to know is, who pays for all this luxury when most Latinos in the US are around the poverty line?


  3. Love your blog, I’ve co-authored books on how to get green cards and deal with immigration issues that have been translated into Spanish. I would be the first one to say that reaching the spanish preferred reader is very complex. However, a trip to the Latino Book Festival http://lbff.us/home/ is most instructive because it’s usually packed and the signing lines for popular authors can reach around end of the booths.

  4. Dios mio! With so many exceptional Hispanic authors it’s too bad a book like this is getting so much play. What about Junot Diaz’s new book?! Just discovered your blog – love it!

  5. hola!comes tas thalia?es tas muj linda guapisima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!siga asi porce es ta muj bjen.te amo mucho………..kon mucho respect…Macedonia-TETOVA…

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